Writer-Ecologist Seeks Cozy New Home

Hello future roommate(s) or landlord,

My dear friend and current roommate and I are looking for housing. Ideally, we want to move into a private home together with at least 2br with minimal stairs. I have a 5yo daughter who will stay with me at the apartment a handful of days our of the month, I spend the night at my coparent’s home a couple days a week.

We have guests over maybe thrice a month, if that. We are homebodies who spend most of our time reading, researching, and keeping to ourselves. If we go out it’s to explore gardens or go for walks. We’re both in our 30s/40s, we’d love a deck for planting flowers and reading in the sun, it’d be awesome to have a spacious kitchen because she’s a chef and we both love to cook. We are absolutely *not* party throwers. If we ever have multiple people over it’s, literally, to drink tea, light incense, and do some sort of art activity.

We’re very “lowkey” and are just looking for a cozy, quiet, preferably tree-filled and lush neighborhood. We’ll be moving from a busy, loud area in Brooklyn.

We both work full-time and most of our belongings are books. We have an extensive rock collection. She has two cats, adorable tuxedo brothers. I have an obsession with trees and clouds. Access to a pool, sauna, and/or hot tub would make our dreams come true. I know that’s a big ask, but I figured I’d add it. Why not.

A bit more about me, in case a situation happens where we live separately: I’m an archivist, writer, and researcher who works as a home health aide and agency model. I’m a busy person trying to be much less busy. My areas of focus for research are ecology, waste colonialism, and climate science. I’m either in bed with my headphones on or I’m in a garden with my headphones on. Or I’m birding. Or napping. Or reading. I read many hours a day. I’m Black, queer, femme, and disabled. My cane has birds on it.

Please include the name of a fictional character you deeply relate to in the subject line along with “housing.” Type your subject line like this, please: “Housing: Mary Poppins.” For reference, I relate to Mary Poppins quite a bit. Though I could stand to be more cheeky.

Solo, I’d like to pay less than $1125 a month. Together, we want to pay less than $2800 a month.

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