The Inventor's Gift YA book! - $10 (NYC)

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condition: new
size / dimensions: 5x5.5x8.5
Below is the book price depending how you would like to receive the item. Be aware I have final say on where I meet you and I rather it be during the day. It’s safer for both parties.
P.S. Sorry for low res images. I have no means to create higher resolutions at this time.

The Inventor’s Gift: $10
Additional Fees:
Meeting me in the Bronx: $0
Meeting me in upper Manhattan: $10
Meeting me at Cross County Macy’s: $10
Mailing Fee: $25

This book is an adventure of a teenage girl who lives in the a sky city where steam technology is how people get by. She gets tangled in a crazy conflict between gangs and residential rules and it may have been all her fault.
Due to a shipping error, I currently have eleven copies in PERFECT condition. I’m selling each for $10. It’s a fun read for young adults and the kid in us adults who like going back to the awkward days of crushes and feeling no one understands you! If you’re interested, please contact me. Email is the best!

Official Synopsis:
When a forbidden technology becomes a tool for a deranged gang seeking the anarchist dream, a young misfit and her friends will be the vanguards for a city veiled in dysfunction.
Selina Roberts, a teenage 19th century steam engineer, has had a troubled past from her days as a street dwelling gangster. Lingering around her life like an endless haze, Miasma, a lurking gang from the lower streets of Ozark city continues to haunt her. Because of her facilitative actions roughly one year ago, Miasma wishes to apprehend Selina to finish their plot of subjugating the city by whisking control from its leaders. Their method to do this lies with an ancient blueprint to build a war machine from the past. Back then, Selina was in league with a gang where she met her dear friend, Rosa. Rosa was once her leader and the only person who ever allowed Selina to spread her creative wings. They grew close, but Selina fractured their relationship with her betrayal and selfish need for engineering expanse. Wishing to make amends, Selina will call upon her aid for the sake of protecting the people in her life and the city she grew up in from being dragged down by her past mistakes.

I won’t have change, sorry, please have the exact money. Paypal works, but I will need to see proof you sent it to me in front of me.
If you do not wish to meet or pick it up from my select locations, I can mail it, but a $25 mailing fee will be enforced.

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