Lafayette, Sherwood, Heathkit Vintage Tubes! plus KLH, SAE, MXR plus - $1 (Staten Island)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: many
...Bell, Trimatic, Ampex.....more pic coming!

Turntable and Audio Restoration outboard FX boxes... whether you want to get rid of those ticks and pops on your LPs or work on a deeper level with 78 restoration these pieces of equipment will get you started for a song!

Here's what's on offer at blowout prices:

SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System: In excellent condition..works well to tackle tics and pops on records. Just put it between your Tape jacks for recording or convenient comparison during live playback (which you cannot do with a computer.) $79 plus BONUS cash and carry.

KLH TNE 7000A Transient Noise Eliminator : This unit is rack mountable and larger in size than the SAE 5000 above. Condition is is used and cosmetically has some signs of use (see pics) The KLH is excellent at removing tics and pops on your records in real time like the SAE unit but has slightly different control parameters which could be more effective depending on the record condition. $79 plus Bonus Cash and carry.

Please email Jon. Serious inquiries only.

Also available: Hear the Sherwood Amp And Jensen Speaker on youtube video w/ no sub here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMB3cQQ274c

* Sherwood 5500 MKII ...An EL 84 (18 watts rms into 8 ohm) Tube Intergated amp with phono stage. Completely restored Plug and Play ...with expensive quality parts.. See Video $895

* Heathkit SA2 ...A classic EL 84 (18 watts rms into 8 ohm) Tube Intergated amp with phono stage. Completely restored Plug and Play ....with expensive quality parts.. $795

* Lafayette LA90 ...An EL 84 (18 watts rms into 8 ohm) Tube Intergated amp with phono stage. Completely restored Plug and play...with expensive quality parts.. see pic$795

* Kenwood 150 Watt (rms 8ohm) Mono Blocs In excellent functional and cosmetic condition (these have been completely vetted by a qualified tech) Plug and Play I also have the original boxes if you want them. Sound wonderful and have that MCM style. $1195 pair.

* Pair of completely overhauled Jernsen/Heathkit MCM styled vintage audio speakers w/ subwoofer and supertweeter.
extremely cool looking and really 3D sound from the Alnico drivers. Perfect to pair with any of the vintage tube Intergrated amps above. $395

* Bell Tube Tuner $59

* Tri-Matic Turntable/Changer (MONO) works well in very nice condition $195

* Ampex Suitcase Amplifier/Monitor...Killer mono sound with original perfect rare JBL driver. $295

Much more coming. This is all gear that has been restored and vetted from my own collection not some flipper. I had these worked on by close friends who are maintenance techs and was extremely involved with qualitative based choice of parts etc.


Choose One of Two available equalizers (first come first served basis) useful for mono OR stereo restoration OR enhancement. Each has a minor operational issue and both show the "patina" of use (see pics) yet they are really good sounding units.

1) MXR 10 Band stereo Classic Blue Face EQ. I believe the two accessible Capacitors need replacement. These are really cool and retro and have a wonderful vintage sound. Worth the effort!

2) MONO BiAMP EQ270R Graphic Equalizer...30 BAND.... : The only functional issue with this unit is the cap to the fuse in the back won't stay on. Easy fix if you just want to glue it on assuming when and if the fuse ever blows (probably never) you'll replace it then...or some other hack. It is also missing one of the front panel frequency caps but is still easily adjusted and not too apparent as it is one of 30. See pics for anything else.

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