Trio Kenwood KP-800 Rare TOTL Plays and Works perfect - $870 (Whitestone)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Kenwood Trio
model name / number: Kp-800
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Fully operational, inspected and well maintained upper echelon, Very Rare, Turntable of the "Golden Era" 1982. Very good condition, however a few imperfections pointed out in pics. Dustcover very good, no cracks, but can use a restoration. Btw No need for external step up transformer! Runs perfect and constant speed, see last picture, even if it says 100 Volts 50/60 as these were primarily made for Japanese market. Setup with good Audio Technica cartridge and ready to plug and play. Better cartridges can be installed and calibrated to make the most of this Top of the Line unit. after all, it's a "Trio" Kenwood!! One of the best Vintage turntables with one of the the most technologically advanced and patented motor systems. The KP-800 boasts an SNR of 78 dB (DIN-B) and wow and flutter of <0.006% (FG direct), and features the innovative DL (Dynamic Center Lock) motor system, the world's first precision rotation mechanism that uses the pressure of the lubricating fluid to lock the spindle to the absolute center point of its rotation with high accuracy, yielding excellent wow and flutter performance.

A player system that employs a DL motor system with a highly rigid rotation mechanism.

The DL (Dynamic Center Lock) Motor System is the world's first precision rotation mechanism that locks the spindle to the absolute center point of rotation with high rigidity using the force of lubricating fluid. By this mechanism, excellent wow and flutter are obtained, and at the same time, performance degradation due to long-term use is prevented by having no wear parts.
The structure consists of a special oil slit on the outer diameter surface of the spindle and an aging hole to circulate oil as the spindle rotates. The entire spindle is covered with an ultra-thin film and the thrust receiving part is rigid.
At the same time, an inverted V-shaped oil slit called the herringbone holds the spindle on the rotating shaft by the force using the pressure of the fluid. This pressure is very strong and maintains the center locking ability even when carrying a turntable seat or stabilizer up to 7.5 kg.

450 kg / cm2Inertia lock is used for dynamic uneven rotation when the needle tip traces a record board, and quartz lock is used for static uneven rotation.
In addition, a servo time constant switching switch is installed according to the load loaded on the turntable, considering the use of a stabilizer and an optional turntable seat.

A mechanical short structure is adopted to clarify the motor support point (turntable rotation support point) and the arm support point.
By fixing the supporting point of the arm and the motor shaft with ARCB material and simultaneously fixing the DL motor system directly, transfer error (conversion loss) is greatly reduced.

It employs a mass separation tone arm that couples the arm pipe and main weight with butyl rubber to reduce split vibration transmitted to the cartridge.

TypeQuartz PLL Auto-up DD TurntablePhono Motor SectionDrive systemDirect driveMotorQuartz PLL, coreless & slotless
3-phase switching plane drive, DC servoStarting torque1.2 kg / cmTurntable33 cm, 1.9 kg aluminum alloy die-castMoment of inertia450 kg / cm2(Including Rubber Sheet)Number of revolutions33 1/3, 45 rpmWow and flutter0.006% (FG direct reading method)Signal-to-noise ratio78dB(DIN-B)Steady-state load characteristics0% (Needle Pressure Up to 120g)Start-up characteristic3 secondsRotational speed deviationWithin ± 0.003%Time drift0.0005% / h or lessTemperature drift0.00005% / ℃ or lessPower supply voltage characteristics0% (± 10 V)Tone Arm SectionTypeStatic balance S-shaped pipe arm mass separation systemEffective arm length245mmOverhang15mmTracking error+ 1.8 ° ~ -1.0 °Needle pressure variable range0 ~ 3.0g (0.1g step)Applicable Cartridge Weight2 ~ 12g (when using the attached shell)Attachment mechanismContactless optical detection auto lift-up mechanism
Static type anti-skating mechanism
Independent queueing mechanism
Tone arm height adjustment mechanism (variable range 6 mm)Pwer100 VAC, 50Hz/60HzPower consumption18W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)External dimensionsWidth 490x Height 155x Depth 448 mmWeight11.5kg

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