Gaza aside, are you someone who used to view Isreal more negatively... (West Village)

compensation: $25/hour, min of 4 hours
Gaza aside, are you someone who used to view Israel as fundamentally illegitimate, more illegitimate than other countries?

And now you have a more nuanced perspective, perhaps seeing that many countries:

* Were "invented" after WWII.
* Are enthno states like Pakistan and no one seems bothered by those
* Have a worse record regarding killings of Arabs and Muslims than Israel, etc. (Syria, for example)

We are looking for people whose views have changed over time for a series of written and video "conversations" to explore what moves people to shift their perspectives.

**The more knowledge you have of the history and the current situation, the more likely we are to select you for this effort. **

If you have a compelling story about why your view shifted, that would be ideal, especially if the story can be documented. Did you go on some kind of trip? Did you meet people who open your mind?

Likewise, if you used to view Isreal in a pollyanna way and now have a more nuanced perspective, you may also fit into this series of conversations. (Please make that clear.)

You can be Jewish, non-Jewish, Arab, non-Arab, Muslim, Non-Muslim, mixed, whatever. You can live in the US or outside.

Please describe where you started and where you are now regarding:

* Israel being fundamentally illegitimate
* Israel having a right to defend itself

We are not interested for this current project on Netanyahu's policies on Gaza which involve a very different set of concerns. One could be totally clear that Israel has a right to defend itself and feel that the attack on Gaza was useless and horrible, and, if you used to think Israel did not, in the past, have a right to defend itself, and you shifted on that, you could still be useful for this project. In short, we don't need you to like how Gaza was or is being handled. That is not the topic of what you would be asked to write and speak about. (In part no one on our team is a military expert so we are not really qualified to talk about bombs, tunnels, attacks, etc. We may argument our team but not for this effort. We understand that the situation in Gaza is top-of-mind for many people. Sadly, we are not in a good position to be an outlet for your thoughts on this topic, regardless of the urgency.)

Please give us a way to reach you and a good time to call. What'sapp is good, especially if you are not in the US.

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