Button Quail! (New York)

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E 117th St near 1st Ave
Eating eggs for $5 a dozen
Hatching eggs for $10 a dozen
Chicks for $5 each
Adult males for $10 each
Adult females for $20 each

**PLEASE NOTE: I currently only have chicks and eggs available. You must have a brooder set up before you pick up chicks. Sexed adults will be ready in a few weeks. Contact me if you would like to be put on the waiting list!**

Quail eggs are naturally delicious and rich in nutrients. We feed our quail a healthy and varied diet to make sure they’re happy and their eggs are even healthier! Six button quail eggs can be substituted for a chicken egg in almost any recipe and there are lots of quail egg specific recipes to try. They also make a great food source for other pets such as dogs, lizards, and snakes.

We provide incubator and brooder rental that will save you a bundle if you want to try raising your own quail. Incubator rental is $60 upfront for 3 weeks and includes up to 24 eggs and a $30 security deposit that will be returned to you when you return the incubator. The incubator is calibrated and customized for button quail. It has an auto turner, circulator, and hydrometer, so it needs very little maintenance. Brooder rental is $60 for 4 weeks and includes a ceramic heat emitter, thermostat, cozy nest, tunnel, climbing gym, bedding, food dish, hand made chick food mix, chick-safe waterer, and Rooster Booster vitamin and probiotic powder. This also includes a $30 security deposit we will reimburse when you return the brooder and accessories. We will also take back any extra chicks if you happen to hatch more than you can handle or find they are not for you. That’s just $60 overall for everything you need to hatch and raise up to 24 button quail! The equipment and supplies cost well over $200 to buy new. Makes a great alternative to the classic chicken hatching project because it takes up less space, less time, and fewer resources. Plus the tiny quail chicks are just so darn cute! Discount available for schools!

Button quail (Synoicus chinensis), also known as king quail, blue-breasted quail, Asian blue quail, and Chinese painted quail, are the smallest species of true quail and only get to be about the size of a lemon! They are smaller and much harder to find than their relatives who produce the eggs you may be familiar with. But much like chickens and other quail, adult females will lay an egg every 1-2 days when not incubating a clutch. Their eggs are only slightly smaller than the quail eggs you see in stores and are extremely delicious! (The birds themselves aren't much good for meat.) In addition to being very charming and great providers, button quail make excellent pets! They are easy and inexpensive to maintain, and can be hand-tamed. They are better suited to small spaces than other pet birds who are louder and need room to fly. They can be kept outdoors during most of the year, but need to come inside for the winter since they come from a warmer climate than New York. They can also be housed fully indoors without any issues. They make good roommates for songbirds and help keep aviaries tidy by gobbling up food that their flying friends discard and hunting bugs that may come looking for a meal. If housing them alone, guinea pig cages and rabbit hutches with solid floors make for suitable housing. I also have several custom made enclosures available for purchase.

Please contact me if you're interested and we can talk more. I'm happy to help beginners and want to be sure my birds go to a good home and that you know what to expect. Calls, texts, and emails are fine and will be replied to. Please leave your name and what you are contacting me about. If you don’t get a response within 24 hours, it probably didn’t go through. Check your spam box as the CL relay sometimes gets flagged by email servers. Delivery is available in NYC and sometimes beyond for a fee. Shipping available for the eggs. We accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay.

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