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body: athletic
height: 5'7" (170cm)

I understand that this might come across as weird or silly but it's important enough to me to post this ad in an attempt to reach Mr. knoll. Now, I'm not sure how to address this, but l'll try to do my best please bear with me :)

My name is Anna and attached is a picture of myself -mostly, and this message is for Bill Knoll, or to whoever knows him and can deliver this message on my behalf.

I'm not sure if you remember me, Bill, but you and I exchanged a few e-mails around early May 2012 and suddenly lost all contact. The reason I was unable to respond back to you was due to the fact that my phone was stolen around that time and I did not have the slightest idea what my account passcode was. I simply setup that e-mail account through the app on my phone and never bothered to back it up,..especially when I never really expected to have my phone stolen soon after.

And after a few times of entering the wrong passcode the stupid "Cloud" denied me all access to my e-mail account and permanently locked me out of it...until this past weekend when I received an e-mail from yahoo unlocking my old account based on recent verification of my phone number and my backup e-mail account address (which were rejected at the time).

So, while checking my account and reading my old e-mails I came across your last e-mail from May 2012, and understandably, I felt this strong urge to contact you and set the record straight to explain myself to you and my inability to write you back...knowing the small odds of this post actually reaching you.

I understand it's been a while since our last contact, almost five years, but please know that I'm so sorry that I was unable to get back with you for no fault of mine which ultimately lead you to think of me as another shallow judgmental woman on CL.

And for what it's worth, I'd like you to know that it's not in my nature to be shallow and judgmental toward anyone, nor my intent to hurt anyone no matter what. You jumped to an unflattering conclusion about me when I didn't respond back to you and somehow related that to the information and photos you sent me with your last e-mail, especially when you informed me of the same through your very first e-mail to my attention anyway.

If I were as shallow as you thought me to be I would've cared less about sharing my thoughts with you right now. You should've known me a bit better than that (or at least thought of it and given me the benefit of the doubt), especially when all of our previously exchanged e-mails stemmed from the simple fact that I really liked your personality, your way of thinking and how you carried yourself as a much as you seemed to like the same qualities about me.

Anyway, and since I just gained access to this ancient account of mine and just read your last e-mails, I felt like explaining myself a bit to you (or if by any chance this post happens to find you or anyone who knows you and can deliver my message to you), so I can wish you all the happiness, good health and everything you've been searching for. You're a good man and you certainly deserve it. Take good care, Bill.

And thank you to whoever is kind enough to relate my message to Bill...I really appreciate it. Thanks :)

*** Please excuse this additional part I felt forced to add to my post due to the "too many" offensive responses I've received since my first post a few hours ago.

PRETTY PLEASE refrain from unwarranted rude and vulgar remarks and pictures of your genitals (it's trashy and you know it and I think your mother -at some point in time- must've taught you a bit better than that), and please recognize that I'm posting at the appropriate section with nothing offensive to anyone and with no infringement on anyone's space here.

And please know that I do wish you the best of luck finding whatever you're looking for, BUT, and for the sake of fairness here, if you are not Bill Knoll, you don't know anyone by that name, or if you don't have anything nice to say or anything kind to share with me...then PLEASE move on to the next post with my best wishes of luck to you.

And another thing, although I thinks it's quite irrelevant to my post, I feel that answering a couple of silly questions will help satisfy the curiosity for the few hundred responses I've received already;

- Yes, that's me in the picture, and No, I will not send you more pictures of myself.
- No, Mr. Knoll and I did not have a romantic relationship, and No, I'm NOT posting here looking for a replacement.
Mr. Knoll and I became friends over an uncommon hobby we both share (and that's love in a different form). He's an exceptional man with a brilliant mind and a sensitive soul, and this post is my public apology to him in case I unintentionally caused any hurt feelings. That's all, so please stop asking! :)

Again, thanks to all of you kind enough to help me find Bill and for sharing your sweet thoughts. I really, really appreciate your gracious thoughtfulness and good wishes. Take care :)
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