Japanese Skype/Zoom Tutor: Trial Lesson for $20.00 (Los Angels)

Please try my first lesson (one hour) and see if you like it. It's $20.00. You have no obligation to continue unless you like it.

If you are a very beginner, you will be able to introduce yourself in Japanese after the first lesson.

I am a writing professional and native Japanese tutor who studied Japanese literature and linguistics at college. I am licensed by the government to be a teacher in Japanese, and am also certified to teach Japanese as a second language.

I used to live in New York City teaching Japanese for 10 years and had more than 20 active students. Now I live in Tokyo and teaching with Skype or Zoom. Because of the time difference, unfortunately I am not able to give lessons during daytime. But if you are a morning person or a night person, I am here for you!

My students are different in terms of age, occupation and reasons to learn Japanese. Most of them continue studying with me more than three years until they achieve their goals and four of them have been taking my lessons more than seven years.

A few students focus on JLPT. While many students set their goal to speak Japanese fluently, they really enjoy the cultural aspects of the language.

Please email me for more information with your goals for studying Japanese. I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

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My students say:

#Upper-level Beginner
I am pleased to recommend her as an excellent Japanese language teacher. I am taking private lessons with her two times per week and I have experienced a significant improvement in my Japanese, especially in daily conversation. I have been traveling back and forth between the States and Japan for over 20 years, and although I passed N5, I have always struggled to speak the language. I am know living in Japan, and started studying with her because I now find that speaking Japanese is a necessity. Her English explanations of grammar and structure are very clear and easy to understand. I know that I am not naturally skilled at learning foreign languages, but her methods to focus on verbalization, as well as her positive support and patience have allowed me to improve my speaking abilities. I enjoy our lessons and even my Japanese friends say I am improving. I highly recommend her, especially for student’s like me. (J)

I have been studying with her for two years. I enjoy studying Japanese under her direction and give her credit for her patience. Lessons are insightful and carefully guided. As a beginner, many concepts, words and grammatical patterns need to be re-explained; she is able to achieve this in a helpful way. In addition to auditory and verbal Japanese, she gives the beginner an opportunity to learn the Japanese writing system which positions the student to be a well versed and literate non-native speaker. As an adult learner, it is often difficult to maintain a regular schedule, so she has been very understanding and offers a level of flexibility. (N)

I have been fortunate to have her as my Japanese tutor for the last 7 years. I initially sought tutoring to fill in the gaps from my group classes at the Japan Society but soon found that her instruction is indispensable to my learning. While it is helpful to have the context of a group with which to practice with there is no substitute for one-on-one instruction. She is attentive, knowledgeable and versatile at adapting the curriculum to address the learner's weaknesses and to develop competency. I have benefited greatly from her instruction and, with her help, can look forward to becoming a better Japanese speaker. (P)

I’ve been taking Japanese lessons with her for seven years and could not recommend her more highly. I started doing lessons in NYC and enjoyed them so much that I when I moved overseas I continued with Skype lessons. In addition to a great knowledge of Japanese language and culture, she has always tailored the lessons to reflect my competencies, preferences and interests, as well as being willing to accommodate a somewhat hectic and variable work schedule. Ultimately, if you are looking for a great teacher that can make learning a new language fun, then I recommend her highly as a teacher! (T)

#Upper Level
I am a retired lawyer whose daughter lives in Japan. For more than ten years, I have been taking Japanese lessons from the tutor. Due to her intelligence, her interest in language, and her excellent English, she is very good at explaining the ins and outs of Japanese grammar and usage. Having been teaching for a long time, she is familiar with the difficulties of English-speakers who are studying Japanese. She has an enjoyable sense of humor and is very patient. When it comes to choosing reading matter, she has been more than willing to accommodate my particular interests, and has gone to a lot of trouble to find material that suits my interests and my capacity. In addition, she is knowledgeable about many aspects of Japanese culture, so that in the course of studying the language with her, I have learned a great deal about Japan. (M)

#Upper Level
I've been taking Japanese lessons from Sensei for about a year. I had majored in Japanese in college, but it was pretty rusty, so I wanted to get comfortable with the language again. Because I'm mostly interested in reading, our lessons involve reading an essay, reviewing the vocabulary and grammar, and discussing it. The essays Sensei brings are very interesting and she's amazing at explaining grammar and vocabulary (even the difference in the nuances of meaning between two very similar words). I've learned a lot, and it's also fun to use the language in a way I couldn't in conversation with friends or in a larger classroom setting. (G)

We (my husband and I) have been students of sensei for around 8 years now. She is an amazing teacher, flexible and always willing to focus on our interests and gear the study in a way that works for us. Aside from general study, she has helped us prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency test level N1, which we both passed. She prepares interesting and contemporary materials to go alongside textbook study, answers all questions clearly, and tailors her teaching to our specific needs. Our Japanese has improved a lot with her as our teacher. I truly cannot recommend her enough! She is absolutely wonderful. (R)


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