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Hello, I am a professional Eastern-European Russian-trained piano instructor and concert pianist from Bulgaria with over 20 years of teaching experience and international critical acclaim. I am currently based in New York and I specialize in working with students 3 years old and up. I also work with adults. Getting the best of the lessons requires discipline, regular attendance at lessons, regular (preferably daily) practice as well as participation in a lot of concerts and recitals (if you wish to learn how to perform well in front of people) which I organize for my students and which are optional to participate in. Some of my students also are winners of piano competitions, festivals, scholarship recipients at conservatories and music colleges (the competitions are optional to participate).

Special note for parents interested in lessons for their children: when working with young children, it helps a lot when the parents are also supportive and involved - for example to help make sure that written homework is done on time, to help establish regular time for piano practice in the child's schedule so that can become a routine. All of that will help establish natural discipline at early age and later it will be much easier when piano pieces are longer and more challenging (for example Beethoven Sonatas, Chopin Ballades, Bach Partitas, Prokofiev Sonatas, Liszt Rhapsodies, etc.). I have noticed that the gap between kids learning to play the piano for fun as an extra curriculum activity and kids learning professionally (to become concert pianists), is very big here in the United States. Parents who look for established music specialists usually sign up their kids at one of the most popular schools for professional music studies in New York: the Julliard prep division, the Special Music School (next to Lucy Moses), or the Mannes prep, etc. These programs are great but very extreme for some kids who are pushed often way too far at very early age. Also, the atmosphere is way more competitive (even between the teachers). It works for some, but not for all. That's why finding the right balance combined with positive and friendly environment is important to me in my work with my students.

My students either learn music as an extra curriculum activity or professionally. But even those who are learning piano as an extra curriculum activity, they need to follow a certain level of discipline, routine and do weekly practice and homework assignments in order for the lessons to make sense. To me cultivating love for music comes first and it is very important that my students are enjoying the lessons while learning how to play properly (reading real music instead of reading numbers or pressing 2 or 3 black keys patterns), playing with correct posture, correct wrist position, wrist motions on particular phrases, sound, technic, inner voices, pedaling technic, music color, dynamic, music vocabulary, how to develop big sound without getting tense in the shoulder and arm area, curving fingers, etc and etc.

My detailed professional background, testimonials and credentials are available upon request to serious inquiries only. If possible, please, include a direct email and/or phone # in your message. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

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