Bartending Class: Learn How to Bartend in 1 Lesson (1.5 Hours) (New York City)

offered in person
Purpose: Whether you are looking to learn how to bartend as a beginner, as a cocktail enthusiast, or seeking to acquire advanced praxis-based technical skills to land a bartending or mixology gig, a few foundational basics in bartending would serve for more than 80-90% proficiency in the art of bartending/mixology. The backbones and framework of bartending can be achieved within a small time commitment of 1-1.5 hours with simple yet informed and directed guidance. Being a seasoned bartender and having practical experience in both a pub/dive-bar setting, as well as in a craft cocktail-focused establishment, I aim to bridge the gap between expensive hands-on bartending academies that can charge anywhere from $500 to $700, and cheap yet ineffective lecture-based online bartending programs with no real-world application and carryover.

Service: Get ready to master the classics and explore new mixology trends. From crafting signature cocktails to mastering the perfect pour, each lesson will be customized and tailored to suit your skill level and personal preferences. A fun, lively, and interactive atmosphere is ensured with laughter, creativity, and a touch of flair as learning mixology should be enjoyable at its core!

***Huge tip for those looking to enter the world of bartending as a side gig/job… the industry in NYC rarely if ever looks for a bartending “license”. Technical skills and the confidence that comes with the ability to carry out serving a few classic drinks are more than enough to trump “X amount of experience” when embarking on the job application process and stepping foot into the realms of bartending.

Rate: $150 a session per individual.

Outcome/Goals (by end of the lesson): Proper jigger use, seal/unseal of shaker, various shaking methods, stirring, use of muddle and straining, mock case-study of a simulated/mimicked encounter, garnishment, expressing oil from peels, correct pour, inside industry job tips, etc.

Provided Supplies: I will supply my own bartending set (Boston shaker, strainer, stir, muddle, jigger, pouring tip, pseudo-liquor bottle, and bag of ice for making drinks).

Location/Learn from Home: This will be a private house call/one-on-one session at your preferred meeting area/residence. No need to leave the comfort of your home! Enjoy the convenience of learning in your own space, with all the tools and ingredients readily available. Limited to NYC area only at this time.

Inquiries: Feel free to reach out and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions or clarify any concerns through phone conference call (917-719-0317), email, or via videochat meeting.

--> Bartending consultant/private bartending instructor for the past 1.5 years and currently ongoing (clientele ranging from individuals, small groups of 2-3, and occasionally large groups of 6-8 people)
--> Worked as a bartender at Warren 77 (NYC sports bar in Tribeca) for 2 years from 2018-2020
--> Most recently worked at District Saigon (as a mixologist serving craft cocktails and beer) for 2 years from 2021-2023
--> Licensed bartender as of 2015

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