Lost/STOLEN "bluenose pitbull " (Harlem / Morningside)

155th st near Edgecome
lost or found?: lost
I'm asking for help bringing Marcus home , he was stolen at morningside dog park June 13th at approximately 10:30 pm. Marcus is my world he was not neglected or abandoned he was stolen along with my cellphone, black Adidas backpack ,wallet and a full set of keys to my apartment in Harlem . I don't care about anything else just my dog .. no questions asked I'm not interested in pressing chargers nor do I want to get any kind of revenge or monetary compensation. I just want my boy ... It took me a couple of days to post this add because I had to make ends meet to buy a cellphone. However I have been looking for him NONE STOP since he was taken I know some of you have heard me whistling and calling out for MARCUS .. please stop being ignorant I'm not trying to find a hookup so PLEASE STOP CALLING THE POLICE ... Its not making it any easier to find my dog. Marcus is very well behaved and a model citizen of our neighborhood we volunteer a lot of our time to help elder folks overcome the fear of bully breeds and help them understand it's not the breed they should fear , we also help out many people with dogs who are having training issues. It's all free we don't charge we just want a safer more integrated community !! I know lots of you have seen us working with other dog handlers and their dogs anywhere and everywhere we go but mainly right here in our own backyard on the dog walking paths in east Harlem ...Marcus is on medication for EPI he needs his meds ... Or he won't be able to properly digest his food he is also on a special diet and exercise routine that has helped out the both of us a great deal .Please help me bring him back home someone out there has seen my dog he didn't just vanished. I've checked every vet , shelter and dog rescue within a 100 mile radius of our home!! He was last seen being walked by a man heading westbound on 155th St and edgecome Ave . He was wearing a black leather collar and his up todate dog tags .

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