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What can I do for you and what is a House Manager?
A house manager helps care for the home or other residential building(s) of an employer. As a house manager, my responsibilities vary considerably depending on the situation. The two most common scenarios are caring for a house while the owner is away, or acting as a residential advisor. Additionally, household managers may also work on the property while the owners are at home, performing daily maintenance tasks, and assisting the residents. These duties can include pet care, cleaning, pool care, and general upkeep as well as managing any other staff members. As my responsibilities vary from client to client, it’s important to clarify my role with you (the employer).

Arranging for Maintenance and Repairs
When something is damaged or an old appliance breaks down, it’s a common responsibility for household managers to take point on repairs or replacements. Regular recurring maintenance and inspections for things like vehicles, HVAC, chimneys, and plumbing can be scheduled for you, and your household manager will come to you to approve any work estimates before taking action. I can also arrange for things like lawn care, roof/siding repair, new appliance delivery and installation, or sidewalk refinishing. Someone needs to hold vendors accountable while your home or away. Let me be that person.

Additional Duties
Pretty much anything to take the stress off your shoulders while you maintain your work/social life.

Cost of each job depends on scope of work. I have weekly retainer rates and hourly rates available.

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