HOME CLEANING SERVICES - $20/hr. (w/3-hr. min.) (Manhattan ONLY)

HOME CLEANING SERVICES - $20/hr. (w/3-hr. min.) (BONUS: A free hour, after a 5-hr. appt.)

Due to tech-savvy scammers, first-time appts. need to be made telephonically. Thank you for understanding.

FYI: I will present you with my driver's license, prior to the start of the appt. (REMINDER: PLEASE always require proof of ID for any -- ANY-- Craigslist projects!!)

Hello! My name is Lynn Hurst. Have been in the business for well over eight years. My clientele varies in style--from sole requests (those in need of a simple one-time-only appt.) to weeklies, bi-weeklies and monthlies, as well as seasonals; and, have worked inside many different types of homes: private townhouses, lofts, duplexes, railroad apts.--the whole gamut!

Should you be in need of my services, give me a call. Below is a list of just some of the tasks I handle.

--Floors (cleaning and polishing)
--Carpet (shampooing or spot removal, vacuuming)
--Furniture (polishing)
--Laundry (washing and ironing)
--Organizing/Cleaning (closets, kitchens and medicine cabinets, bookshelves, and storage areas beneath beds)
--Bathrooms (Everything: scrub the shower and bathtub walls (incl., tile grout), sanitize the toilet and clean the sink, as well as, scrub tile/wood floors)
--Kitchens (Everything: the oven and broiler, the microwave, toaster oven, clean out fridge (and, behind it), clean tile/wood floors

Anything I missed? Let me know.

CLEANING SUPPLIES: (flat $7.00 fee) - Upon request, cleaning products are supplied (laundry detergent/paper towels are not included).

CLEANING EQUIPMENT: (full vacuum: $10 / hand vac: $5. Swiffer mop: no charge -pads: $2 for 3) - Upon request, cleaning equipment is supplied (vacuum and/or Swiffer).

WORK ETHIC: I am a diligent worker; energetic, but quiet and thorough. While a private contractor in your home, I will NOT snack, will NOT use your TV, will NOT phone/text and will NOT be under the voodoo spell of headphones/ear plugs. Just as importantly, I don't smoke or vape (toxic!!) (which means: While working, you don’t either! (LOL)). P.S.: I love animals, so no problem, if you have them!

CANCELLATIONS: They do happen; It is understood; however, any cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before your appt. is scheduled. Many thanks.

Hope to hear from you!

PHONE: 347/301-4832

(Should I not answer the phone, I'm on a job and simply cannot. Pls leave a message and I'll get back to you shortly.)

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