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There are many traders that have been trading for over 30 years since the 70's until 2000, and so many of them had made millions of dollars and today many of them are broke, turned to drugs are divorced, jobless, suicidal or dead. Trading has changed over the years especially when electronic trading came in to play many of the big traders started to realize their strategy no longer works and they are lost. They don't know what to do. They take minimum wage jobs because they lost all the money they made. I know this because I have spoken to many of them who came to me for help.

The thing is, many of the strategies they used like discrepancies in the bids and offers getting a piece of the "slippage" or indicators and studies they used, couldn't stand the test of time. Lets face it , things change, and so did the market in some ways. High frequency trading has increased volume substantially and these automated programs with many different algorithms are throwing off many trading strategies. When the markets tank and drop over 500 points in a day, it is because of Market Balance and all of the high frequency trading algorithms filling hundreds of thousands of orders instantaneously. Also with globex the markets trade 23 hours a day so there is a lot of change since back in the day.

So when other trading methods have failed over time, the Market Balance method has STOOD THE TEST OF TIME. The Market Balance methodology has worked since the beginning of trading back to late 1800's and early 1900's and continues to work today and will continue to work for as long as the commodities markets exist. Why? Because the commodities markets move according to MARKET BALANCE, not moving averages, not bollinger bands, not the MACD, not momentum, volume, or stochastics. All the studies and indicators that everyone else is teaching and that everyone is using, is useless for the most part, and that's why they say 90% of commodities traders lose money. The secret of trading lies in the balance and NO ONE TEACHES THIS BUT ME., and I'm not sure if any other traders even know this, if there are others who know this secret then they are the elite 1% who are wealthy.

The commodities markets cannot exist without balance. The price of coffee cannot go to the moon because no one will be able to afford it and it cannot go to zero or the farmers who grow it will be out of business. The stock market doesn't have to balance, a company's shares can go to the moon and it can go to zero which would be bankruptcy.

I have spent over two decades analyzing and testing my unique style of market balance methodology in over 25 commodities markets. I worked on it day and night, weekends and holidays. I dedicated all this time to perfect the most complete and accurate commodities trading methodology that ever existed.


My methodology that I have mastered finds the balance in the futures markets. I will always know what direction the market is heading which gives me the confidence to trade everyday.

I know how to determine the direction of the market in a daily and weekly time frame, and I will know several swings in advance when the direction will change. Price action from the past several weeks will dictate what will happen in the next several weeks in order for the market to balance. The futures is based upon the immediate past. I have been working on this since 1992 and tested and analyzed it in every futures market, it took me a long time to get it right and to make flawless by finding out how to balance the markets, and now all the hard work is done, all you have to do is follow my easy to understand videos in my trading course.

With my swing trading method I don't need to worry about indicators and flashing signals. No more moving averages, or bollinger bands. I dont need to watch the MACD or momentum, stochastic or anything like that and sit at my computer all morning and afternoon. No more clutter and distracting indicators all over the screen with red and green bars and flashing lights,and I don't need a 3 monitor computer like the so called pro's use. I don't know how people can trade like that.

So many, if not all trading methods out there all use the same indicators and there a lot of indicators. They are inconsistent at best. These trading programs are just recycled over and over to new people. They are not unique they are not different, they tell you they are, but they are not.

No one will consistently make money with the same crap that is being sold to everyone else. The professional traders know this stuff wont get you anywhere. Don't be fooled in to believing any trading method is special, or one of kind if they use technical indicators or even fundamental analysis. The only way to know for sure which way the market is headed two swings in advance mind you, is to know how to determine market balance. And as far as I know no one trades this way but me,

I have spoken to so many traders in trading rooms and trading forums online and no one knows what I mean by market balance. If you want to learn this method contact me. The course is 6 lessons (all videos) and you go at your own pace. This course is worth 10 times what I'm asking for it.

There is nothing more accurate and reliable than this method. Other methods and trading courses online are very expensive, some are $10,000 and up and they don't compare to this method.

Here is the breakdown....

Lesson 1 is learning how to ring highs and lows on a daily chart. We go to a daily chart and look back to the previous several weeks and we "ring" or pick out all the highs and lows and we put them in to a formula to give us balance prices, this will tell us where the market needs to go in the follow several weeks in order for this market to balance. This is a very easy lesson, but extremely important. This lesson works with lesson 3

Lesson 2 teaches how to recognize trend strength weakness on a daily chart. There are many clues in the charts that tell you if the trend is weak and getting stronger or weak and getting weaker, or if the trend is strong and getting weaker or strong and getting stronger, many traders don't recognize these clues just by looking at a daily bar chart. This is also very important because these clues give us signals of a trend continuing or reversing trident does not teach how to read trend strength or weakness- this lesson works with lesson 4

Lesson 3 teaches you how to find balance in the markets. I go over balance price formulas to help you predict which the way market is going and if it will continue in the same direction or when it will reverse days before it happens. You will not know the exact price the market will reverse, but you will know when the last high will end the uptrend or the last low will end the downtrend. This is the bread and butter of the whole program, knowing where the market needs to go to find balance is what makes this trading method the best in the industry and taught by no one but me. Trident had the great concept of market balance but did not go over it in detail with many examples and all who read the book were lost. The main reason is that the tridents process of ringing highs and lows was wrong.

Lesson 4 is factor analysis. Why does the market make a swing down and stop at that price and then reverse, or why does the market shoot up and stop and come back down? Factor analysis , analyzes the patterns coming down from a high to find out , why , where and when the low will come, and analyzes patters going up from a a low. The market stops at a certain price for a reason, its not random. Certain patterns are used to extend down to their Fibonacci extreme extensions (fibs that no one teaches), this is how far a pattern can go before reversing (over sold/bougt), combining a few patterns and their extensions along with analyzing the trend strength of the move up or down, are factors involved in picking highs and lows within a few ticks. absolutely amazing. This idea was mentioned in the trident book towards the end. He said there were time trials on ways to pick entries and exit more accurately, as if there was another trident book coming out but he never finished his concept. I completed it and added it to the new trident.

Lesson 5 goes over different sizes of swings in the market, from major swings, to intermediate swings, to minor swings and macro swings. If you are swing trading minor swings you have to know what the intermediate swing is doing, and if you swing trade intermediate swings you have to know what the major swing is doing. Minor swing are swings that form within a few days, which is how i trade and what the course is about. Intermediate swing form over several weeks and major swing form over several months.

Lesson 6 is going over the whole trade from start to finish , starting at lesson 1 and going through the step by step process.

If you decide you want to join me I will upload the lessons videos to a website and the links will be sent to you to download or I can put them on a usb flash drive and mail it to you. When you are done with the course there several steps to take to prepare you for real trading with your own money. You will get my cell number. I will consult with you before you make your first trades to make sure you are doing it right. If you need help with a certain chart I will make a video for you explaining it, so you will get personal videos just for you pertaining to whatever chart you are working on and just the videos in the lessons.

This course is very easy to follow, nothing hard about it, you can go through all the videos pretty quickly. Lessons average about 4 videos. Its not cheap but its worth 10 times what Im asking. You will not need another skill to make money trading from home after you complete my course.


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