Sr. Mechanical Engineer-Machine Learning-Robotics (New York)

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Skillset Position: Advanced Systems Design and Precision Machine Design Engineer.

Experience, consisting of:

• Precision Machine Design and Metrology, Precision Engineering, Computational Physics, Semi-Conductor Machine Design, Machine Learning.

• Opto-Mechanical System and Tooling Design. Large and Small Lense Optical System Design. Systems for Test and Measurement of Large Aspherical Optics at Tinsley-L3 Communications; Primary Tooling Engineer for James Webb Space Telescope. Designed Structures for rough and fine polishing of Beryllium Segments.

• Python, MATLAB, Arduino, Java, and Qiskit/IBM Quantum Computing.

• Machine Learning:

o Extensive Algorithmic Design and Implementation: Classical, Neural Networks, regression and classification.
o Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms.
o Decision Tree Algorithms.
o Random Forest Algorithms
o Combinatorial Algorithms
o Large Batch Processing-(MARCC)
o K-Nearest Neighbors(KNN) Algorithms.
o TensorFlow and Keras for Classification and Regression Neural Networks.
o Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithms. GANs.
o Optimization and Linear Programming Algorithms.

• Extensive Machine and Tooling Design experience, Design and Analysis of Welded Structures.

• Stress, Strain and Thermal Analysis: Manual Calculations, Numerical Methods-FDM, FEA.

• Design For Manufacture, (DFM), Design for Assembly, (DFA).

• Precision Machine Design, Electronic Enclosure Design, Mechanism and Flexure Design.

• Robotic System Design. Robot Motion Planning. Kinematic and Dynamic Design of Multi-link Robotic Systems.

• Approximate Vertical Cell, Exact Vertical Cell, and Visibility Graph methods of Robot Motion Planning.

• Opto-Mechanical Systems and Opto-Mechanical tooling Design. Design of Optical mounting of filter lens as well as flexure mount for optical tube assembly for Trace Telescope, Lockheed/Martin.

• Optical Camera Component Design, knowledge of Geometric as well as Wave Optics, CCD and CMOS Sensor theory and application.

• Control System Design using MATLAB and Python. Linear and Rotary Motion System Design.

• ASME Y14.5 GD&T. Tolerance Stack-up Analysis, Statistical Tolerancing, Worst-Case, RSS, Monte Carlo Methods.

• Manufacturing and Design Engineering and Analysis.

• Product Design: Consumer Electronics, Food Industry and Medical Sectors.

• Multiple Platform Model Based Design CAD Experience: Siemens NX, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD.

Summary of selected sites of employment:

James Webb Space Telescope, (JWST), at Tinsley Labs, L3 Communications, Inc.
Opto-Mechanical, Metrology and Manufacturing and Test Tooling Design and Analysis for Manufacture of JWST Optics.

Lawrence Livermore National Labs, (LLNL), (NIF) and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing,
Tooling, Flexure, and Mechanism Design for manufacture of NIF Optics.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, (SLAC), Babar Magnetic Field Detector Machine,
Linear Motion System and Multiple Axis Mechanism Data Acquisition Device Design.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Department,
Opto-Mechanical, Telescope Mechanism, Optical Lens Filter mounting and Tooling Design, Trace Telescope.

Space Systems Loral,
Satellite Component Placement and Design.

Trimble Construction,
Machine Vision System Design, Opto-Mechanical Design, Lenses, CCD, and Camera packaging
and Geometric Optics calculations.

Varian/Novellus Thin Film Systems, Lam Research,
Physical Vapor Deposition Systems and Front-end Structural Design, (PVD), (Etch)

Tesla Motors,
Manufacturing Engineering, Tolerance Stack-up Analysis of Rotor and Stator of Electric Motor.

Publications: Elements of tooling and fixture design for the optical manufacture of
Telescope Mirror Segments,” author: D. James
SPIE Proceedings, accepted 4 April 2005.

Education: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering Robotics and Controls Focus with Machine Learning: Johns-Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Baltimore, MD.
Bachelor of Science, Applied Computational Physics and Quantum Computing: CUNY City College of Technology, New York, NY.

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