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*****PROFESSIONAL GROOMING--Shaving, Trimming, Waxing...WELLNESS***** (Midtown)

Welcome to a refreshed you! Professional full-body grooming--back, chest, legs underarms, etc.--at its best. I have years of spa and hospitality experience and provide top-shelf results.

There are wonderful benefits to grooming:
1. Look and Feel Better
Whether it is your back, your pecs, your abs, your...ahem...a groomed body looks clean, younger, more toned, more optical illusion, and better defined. Feeling better is the first step to improved self-esteem, which in turn helps you forge through to accomplish your goal, in general.

2. More Hygienic
Hair collects and retains sweat, dead skin cells and urine, just to name a few. If not removed, these substances can fester, especially on hot days. Bacteria, yeast and STD can breed. Keeping body hair short or bald reduces surface area and keep bacteria and odors at bay.

3. Increase Confidence
Men who take pride in their appearance are more successful in both their professional and intimate life. Present the best version of yourself by grooming. If you look good and feel good, you'll have more confidence in yourself to achieve your goals. Remember, the longest journey begins with one step in the right direction.

4. Sweat Less
Sweat cools the body down. With less hair covering the skin, your body regulates body temperature better, leaving you cooler and dryer, especially in the summer. Also, you will feel cleaner. And less sweat means less odor.

5. Improve Personal Life
Partners greatly appreciate men who groom themselves, and those partners eagerly show appreciation (you may thank me later).

So whether it is for hygiene or esthetic, there are many wonderful benefits to grooming. Overall, you will look and feel better, younger, cleaner, and be more confident--to achieve your goals.

Choose any combination of shaving, clipping and/or waxing. Clippers are professionally sanitized. I use only high quality disposable razors and products. Your skin is prepared before and after treatment to reduced ingrown hair and overall irritation. Skin numbing cream is used before wax treatments for pain-free experience. You may choose to trim just a little or go bald in any area. I am gentle, and meticulous. Experience grooming weekly or bi-monthly to keep all your cylinders humming! Bodywork also.
I am very skilled. The goal is great results with minimal irritation to your skin. I am certified, multi-faceted: athletic—run, swim—musically inclined, play chess, well-traveled, intellectually curious, great sense of humor, and a people person. I also have a doctorate degree.
Call now for an appointment!

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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