Kandid King Photography - Lets make you look like an IG ad (New york city)

offered in person

Does this sound familiar to you

“Hey bro, I’m looking scrumptious in this light. Could you grab a photo of me real quick?”

No? I’m not surprised. I go through that too.

Dudes just don’t take good photos of each other.

It’s not that your life is boring (maybe it is? I’d have to charge extra to help with that)

It’s not that you don’t do cool sh*t

You’re probably even a good-looking guy (trust me, the bar is low for dudes so you’re probably okay)

It’s pretty simple; you just don’t have good pics.

That’s where I come in

All dressed up for an event?

Shots AT the event with you talking to some girls?

Shenanigans by the pool?

Late night pizza? (not too late, I gotta sleep)

I. Got. You.

Here’s how it works:

You let me know when and where

Ticketed event? Get me a ticket

Free RSVP? Get me on the list

I show up and blend in when the party’s pumping

Then spend the next hour getting the sickest shots of you humanly possible

I’m talking IG ad level stuff, crazy levels of I-just-woke-up-like-this-esque pictures

Candid shots (which, fun fact, do the best on apps)

Then I disappear and in a few days you have some mind-blowingly epic shots of you at your most natural

People generally don’t want to know where I am when I do this, but I couldn’t care less

Be warned though; once you see me once you can never unsee me, I’ve got a pretty distinct face

Could also spin off into a mini actual photoshoot, but a full one is a different price point

Why You Should Trust Me:

I’m a photographer/model, so living on both sides of the camera I know what works

Also a good looking dude myself (re: model), so have had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts of some wonderful women, on set and irl (let’s just say I’m probably the only one who knows how to make a fishing pic work)

Anyway, I’d charge 150 for an hour or 100 for 30 minutes

Other details we can talk if you book, like whether you want some regular posed shots or nah

But nothing too fancy. Remember; candid is the name of the game

That’s it; reply to the ad for a free consult and we’ll set up a call

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