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We are a family business - me and my wife, located in Florida and serving the whole United States. We have over 14 years of experience in design and CAD. We use top notch hardware and software and are one of the few on the market providing Rendered Virtual Tours that support VR. We provide VR headsets at no additional cost with qualifying projects.

If your project requires an architect or engineer for calculations and code compliance - we can work with them in order to develop a perfect result for you.

How it works:
1. We research our client’s Floor Plans, Site Plans, Elevations or, if none, photos and measurements of as-is condition.
2. We create a 3D CAD model.
3. According to a client’s desire we apply Custom Design. This includes deep research and creativity. We will have several stage checks throughout the project with you in a Zoom screen share meeting. You will be in control of each stage being able to fine tune your future space.
4. You receive 3D Virtual Tours (including VR), Still Images or Video Tours as well as proposed Plans, Elevations and Shop Drawings.
Rendered Virtual Tours (including VR)
Fully 3D synthetic visualization where you can travel inside the tour and look in any direction you want. This is a great tool for immersing & visualizing yourself into the project: you can ‘walk’ inside a room, have a closer look at the kitchen, go upstairs, check out the patio. It also makes it possible to show tight spaces. They can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.
In addition the Virtual Reality immersion can be achieved with a VR headset for a smartphone. Once you put the VR headset on - you will find yourself inside the rendered room that we made for you being able to ‘walk’ and interact with the environment.

For homeowners
Whether you are planning a remodel or starting from scratch, we can give you a 3D digital conception of the completed project before you invest a single penny in construction. We create custom designs to fit your personal ideas and tastes. We help you make a perfect pick on design elements like colors, textures, types of materials, furniture, curtains, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counter tops, floor types, hand railings, lights and fixtures, vegetations - pretty much anything you can imagine.
This way you reach perfection in planning your project. It eliminates unnecessary and expensive mistakes in design prior to construction, like replacing brand new furniture and redoing a freshly made kitchen just because they don't look right in your new environment.

For realtors
We can help your clients look into the future. How will this property look after investing in an upgrade to increase the equity and usefulness? Does a kitchen remodel, room addition or pool function with the space? Can an old abandoned building be turned into a store, cafe or an oil change shop?

For contractors
We can create custom designs for the property you are building.
You will be able to show your clients what their investment in the property will look like in future after renovating or building.
Sometimes our clients are not sure which way they would like to have something built. We can visualize the options live sharing our screen and let the client make the perfect choice.

For property developers
We can help you show potential investors what they are being offered to invest into. This is the shortest and the most favorable way to deliver your project into their minds.

For architects
We can help your clients see in-depth detailed renderings before they build or renovate.

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