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Skillset Position: Advanced Computational Physics Design Engineer.

Experience, consisting of:

• Extensive understanding of applications of linear algebra, differential equations, statistics and the foundations of modern machine learning as well as computational methods.

• An ability, due to applied mathematical knowledge, to keep abreast with the current state of the art of the modern methods of design and analysis in mechanical engineering as well as Machine Learning.

• Precision Machine Design and Metrology, Precision Engineering, Computational Physics, Semi-Conductor Machine Design, Machine Learning.

• Opto-Mechanical System and Tooling Design. Large and Small Lense Optical System Design. Systems for Test and Measurement of Large Aspherical Optics at Tinsley-L3 Communications; Primary Tooling Engineer for James Webb Space Telescope. Designed Structures for rough and fine polishing of Beryllium Segments.

• Python, MATLAB, Arduino, Java, and Qiskit/IBM Quantum Computing.

• Machine Learning:

o Extensive Algorithmic Design and Implementation: Classical, Neural Networks, regression and classification.
o Stochastic Gradient Descent Algorithms.
o Decision Tree Algorithms.
o Random Forest Algorithms
o Combinatorial Algorithms
o Large Batch Processing-(MARCC)
o K-Nearest Neighbors(KNN) Algorithms.
o TensorFlow, Keras and Pytorch for Classification and Regression Neural Networks.
o Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithms. GANs.
o Optimization and Linear Programming Algorithms.

• Extensive Machine and Tooling Design experience, Design and Analysis of Welded Structures.

• Stress, Strain, Computational Fluid and Thermal Analysis: Manual Calculations, Numerical Methods-CFD,FDM, FEA.

• Design For Manufacture, (DFM), Design for Assembly, (DFA).

• Precision Machine Design, Electronic Enclosure Design, Mechanism and Flexure Design.

• Robotic System Design. Robot Motion Planning. Kinematic and Dynamic Design of Multi-link Robotic Systems.

• Approximate Vertical Cell, Exact Vertical Cell, and Visibility Graph methods of Robot Motion Planning.

• Opto-Mechanical Systems and Opto-Mechanical tooling Design. Design of Optical mounting of filter lens as well as flexure mount for optical tube assembly for Trace Telescope, Lockheed/Martin.

• Optical Camera Component Design, knowledge of Geometric as well as Wave Optics, CCD and CMOS Sensor theory and application.

• Control System Design using MATLAB and Python. Linear and Rotary Motion System Design.

• ASME Y14.5 GD&T. Tolerance Stack-up Analysis, Statistical Tolerancing, Worst-Case, RSS, Monte Carlo Methods.

• Manufacturing and Design Engineering and Analysis.

• Product Design: Consumer Electronics, Food Industry and Medical Sectors.

• Multiple Platform Model Based Design CAD Experience: Siemens NX, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD.

Summary of selected sites of employment:

James Webb Space Telescope, (JWST), at Tinsley Labs, L3 Communications, Inc.
Opto-Mechanical, Metrology and Manufacturing and Test Tooling Design and Analysis for Manufacture of JWST Optics.

Lawrence Livermore National Labs, (LLNL), (NIF) and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing,
Tooling, Flexure, and Mechanism Design for manufacture of NIF Optics.

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, (SLAC), Babar Magnetic Field Detector Machine,
Linear Motion System and Multiple Axis Mechanism Data Acquisition Device Design.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Department,
Opto-Mechanical, Telescope Mechanism, Optical Lens Filter mounting and Tooling Design, Trace Telescope.

Space Systems Loral,
Satellite Component Placement and Design.

Trimble Construction,
Machine Vision System Design, Opto-Mechanical Design, Lenses, CCD, and Camera packaging
and Geometric Optics calculations.

Varian/Novellus Thin Film Systems, Lam Research,
Physical Vapor Deposition Systems and Front-end Structural Design, (PVD), (Etch)

Tesla Motors,
Manufacturing Engineering, Tolerance Stack-up Analysis of Rotor and Stator of Electric Motor.

Publications: Elements of tooling and fixture design for the optical manufacture of
Telescope Mirror Segments,” author: D. James
SPIE Proceedings, accepted 4 April 2005.

Education: Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering Robotics and Controls Focus with Machine Learning: Johns-Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, Baltimore, MD.
Bachelor of Science, Applied Computational Physics and Quantum Computing: CUNY City College of Technology, New York, NY.


07/01/22 to current Hydraulic Design System, New York, NY – Design, modeling and detailing of piping bearing system as well as tolerance analysis and industrial design of 3d advanced surfacing components and assemblies.

01/01/22 to 06/21/22 Next Generation Quantum, New York, NY - https://www.ngq.io/ - RESEARCHER/ANALYST:
Analytical and Numerical modeling of Quantum interconnect Solid-State device for Google involving Gaussian IC and Heat/Diffusion and Langevin Equations Stochastic Solutions which represent the charge-carrier densities at time t=0 and forward. Under mentorship of Professor German Kolmakov, CTO of Next Generation Quantum. Generating Python and MATLAB code.

06/30/21 to 12/01/21* Interim school break due to intensive academic priorities in ungraduate program*

01/01/22 to 06/21/22 Next Generation Quantum, New York, NY - https://www.ngq.io/ - RESEARCHER/ANALYST:
Analytical and Numerical modeling of Quantum interconnect Solid-State device for Google involving Gaussian IC and Heat/Diffusion and Langevin Equations Stochastic Solutions which represent the charge-carrier densities at time t=0 and forward. Under mentorship of Professor German Kolmakov, CTO of Next Generation Quantum. Generating Python and MATLAB code.

05/01/20 to 12/31/20 Innogen Energy - Pleasanton, CA MECHANICAL ENGINEER:
Industrial design of Magnesium-Air Fuel Cell compartment and housing. Magnesium-Al Anode. Consultation on modeling and design of 4-layer Air Cathode. Design and location of PCBs, LEDs, routing of electrical conductors, design of power button elastomer cap as well. Thermal analysis of complete enclosure.

07/24/19 to 03/24/20 Autowraptec - Fairfield, NJ MECHANICAL ENGINEER: Design of static and dynamic
components of napkin folding machine. Design of tooling and mechanisms for adjustment of various transfer stations of machine. Troubleshooting of machine in operation, paying close attention to dynamic clearance issues, sensors, placement of napkin holding and locating devices. Design and detail drawings were all completed by me for manufacture

01/01/15 to 06/01/19 Innogen Energy - Pleasanton, CA MECHANICAL ENGINEER:
Injection Molded part and Structural machine design. Generator structural support, mounting Plastic part design for injection molding. Redesign of frame structure for heavier load. Design of overall ABS/Polycarbonate housing for higher strength and manufacturability. Initial conceptual design of Magnesium-Air Fuel Cell compartment and housing.

05/10/13 to 12/09/14 Ray Solutions Eng., LLC. - Livermore, CA ENGINEER: Camera housing and mechanism Design. Power transmission component design: shafting, mounting of proprietary bearing designs. Design of hard stops to communicate with PCB, re-location, re-design, and adjustment of tip/tilt sensor as well as rotational sensors. O-ring seal gland re-design. FEA and manual analysis of 1045 steel collet leaf design. Thermal Analysis of Housing/Enclosure.

11/10/12 to 01/09/13 Trimble, Inc. – Oakland, CA OPTO-MECHANICAL ENGINEER:
Design of opto-mechanical system for construction industry. Mounting of optical encoder to axis, design of horizontal axis bearing system, design of optical lens mounting system. Geometric Optics analysis and CMOS sensor location in optical system.

8/01/11 to 10/01/12 Aeres Motors, LLC. - Oakland, CA ANALYST AND ENGINEER: for proprietary customer,
of various assembly components. Duties: FEA and CFD thermal analysis, DFA, DFM, GD and T, detailing of components of Honda Gold Wing cylinder head proprietary assemblies. Deliverables being Von Mises, Displacement and Strain 3D Analysis plots after many Iterations of in FEA applying boundary conditions, loads, meshing, and various contact sets and solvers to converge upon FEA solution. Designed Manufacturing and Assembly tolerance System.

10/01/07 to 1/10/08 Tesla Motors – San Carlos, CA
DESIGN AND DRAFTING: Designing and drafting injection molded plastic parts, ferrous parts, dynamic and static stress analysis of motor components, managing large assemblies.

5/19/07 to 9/01/07 Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center – Palo Alto, CA
OPTO-MECHANICAL DESIGN AND DRAFTING: Designed, drafted, and procured Opto-Mechanical parts and assemblies to meet Lockheed Martin’s design and engineering needs. Ingenious devices that comprise X-Y stages, Rotational stages, and optical kinematic interfaces. CAD software was SIEMENS-NX.

01/01/04 to 03/19/07 Tinsley Labs, L3 Communications, Inc. – Richmond, CA
TOOLING AND EQUIPMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT ENGINEER: Designed, engineered, and analyzed manually and using Cosmos FEA, opto-mechanical and machine components; including press fitting of large bore tapered bearings, kinematic tooling, lifting, and positioning fixtures, CGH kinematic mounts, and various mechanisms and frames for optical metrology and manufacturing of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Ball Aerospace and NASA subcontractors, using SolidWorks 2006 (Certified user).

10/01/01 to 8/02/02 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Livermore, CA
PRECISION-MACHINE DESIGNER: Designed, analyzed, and detailed vacuum chuck and adjustment and stiffening mechanism for Precision Machining and Manufacturing of NIF Optics. Designed and performed stress analysis of lift fixtures for the NIF project.

06/6/99 to 6/01/01 Berkeley Process Control – Richmond, CA
Designed, analyzed, detailed, and assembled frame structures, mechanisms, tooling, sheet metal, plastics, and linear motion systems for flexible manufacturing cells for semi-conductor industry and Boeing and Lucent corporations, using Pro-E 2000i.

7/01/98 to 5/01/99 Amp Incorporated - Cupertino, CA
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL DESIGNER: Designed and detailed and thermally analyzed electro-mechanical sheet metal/plastic 19” rack mount enclosures for various clients. Administrated and managed file system for Pro-Engineer and customized and programmed Pro-Engineer for Unix Solaris and NT platforms. All customization was to enable automatic assembly of Compact PCI electro-mechanical design modules. Tools were Pro-layout, Pro-notebook, Pro-program.

10/01/97 to 10/06/98 Novellus Systems - San Jose, CA
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL CAD ENGINEERING DESIGNER: Engineered, designed, detailed, and inspected machined and sheet metal assemblies for the backbone structure of all silicon wafer processing machines. The designs consisted of an end effector for an atmospheric robot, tooling and alignment fixtures, and a chamber top plate, using Pro-E.

01/10/96 to 01/10/97 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center - Menlo Park, CA
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL CAD ENGINEERING DESIGNER: Engineered, designed, and detailed high precision non-magnetic research and development data acquisition and calibration machine (linear motion system/bearings, motors, gearboxes, controllers, and shafting, etc.). Pro-E intensive.

02/10/95 to 10/01/96 Space Systems Loral - Palo Alto, CA
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL CAD ENGINEERING DESIGNER: Designed and detailed 400-megabyte ram assemblies of spacecraft on various workstations. The disciplines consisted of mechanical, electrical, structural, thermal, antenna, communications, and configuration design of commercial satellites. Pro-E intensive.

02/02/95 to 10/01/95 Lockheed/Martin Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
CAD ENGINEERING DESIGNER: Designed and detailed components of TRACE telescope for NASA contract (Goddard Space Center). Designed and detailed various vibration, lifting and drill fixtures for the completion of the project. I performed various engineering calculations, including stress, strain, and deflection analysis. All designs were completed using SDRC-Ideas Master Series-SIEMENS-NX version 2.0.

03/08/94 to 04/02/95 Lam Research Corporation - Fremont, CA
CAD DESIGNER: Designed, detailed and thermally analyzed electronic enclosures and mechanical rack assemblies for various proprietary etch machines. Designs consisted of control panels and displays, sheet metal enclosures for electronics, brackets, structural frames, plastic piece parts, small and large mechanisms, tooling fixtures for lasers, sensors, and various transducers, robotic designs for wafer transport and orientation. All designs were completed using SDRC-Ideas Master Series SIEMENS-NX version 2.0.

Education History:

07/10/22 to 05/12/24 Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering - Baltimore, MD
Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Controls and Machine Learning Focus, Master of Science degree obtained. (3.5 GPA)

1/01/21 to 06/03/22 City College of Technology – CUNY – NY, NY
Applied Computational Physics, Bachelor of Science degree obtained. (3.86 GPA)

09/21/08 to 12/10/10 San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Mechanical Engineering. Transferred as senior in Mechanical Engineering at SF State into Applied Computational Physics at CUNY.

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