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Dear Enterprise and Fortune 500 Client, or Corporate Executive,

Thank you for choosing us. You made the right choice! Call right now 646 474 8500 or email us (please include your real email and phone in your reply) for 24-hour or same-day response and we will deliver solutions right away. We guarantee solutions, service and support for your busy executives and business. You only deserve the best!

A talented expert, presentations manager, enthusiastic, dedicated team leader, Microsoft Certified Professional, Adobe Expert, and PC/Apple Visualization Designer with more than 25 years of experience working with the top-tier presentation software programs, will deliver the support, expert guidance and all the services you require to develop the presentation you need as soon as possible. No matter how difficult is the assignment, we get things done before deadlines!

CALL NOW for immediate assistance and a friendly designer who will do everything you need to succeed: 646 474 8500.

We will create your presentations using your materials, and we can develop new relevant content if you need help. You will be able to take full credit for the results with since our work is completely confidential.

We deliver expert services, caring attention and personalized support. We deliver effective solutions according to your specifications. We can travel anywhere in the country for Live personal support, or we can provide Live Online services to ensure service 24/7. International service is available.

We specialize in developing effective presentations for Wall Street financial company executives, busy Corporate CEOs, Lead attorneys with complex cases, bank managers, Sales and Marketing departments, and enterprise-class businesses with professional-level requirements such as: 2D and 3D Animation, video streaming, financial charts, product marketing, or data delivery involving complex documentation.

We provide expert guidance and support that allow our clients to create presentations that are user-friendly, flexible and easily understandable, ensuring the success of your message.

We support: Powerpoint PC/MAC, Keynote, Prezi, Visio, Excel, Acrobat, Audio, Video, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D modeling software, Adobe Premiere Video, PDF documents for PC/MAC, and more!

Call us to 646-474-8500! when you hire our services you can relax and take a well-deserved break while we take care of everything you need, delivering high-quality, flexible, easy-to-understand, effective presentations that will ensure your success. We do all the hard work, so you can focus on the things that truly need your attention.

If you are looking for a reliable, effective and high-quality solution, or you need the help of a friendly expert who will provide all the support, guidance, and services you need, just give us a call and ask for immediate assistance and a quick, FREE consultation on the phone or in-person at your location (Manhattan locations only).

Our clients include Legal Firms, Marketing companies, Advertising businesses, Financial Industry, Banks, and Large Enterprises such as: Blackrock, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Deutsche Bank, Aramco Saudi Petroleum, Citibank, Deloitte-Touche-Tohmatsu LLC, the MET, the Durst Organization NYC, Blue Shark, AOL America Online, most NYC top-tier colleges and thousands of corporate and private clients including Boutique Legal Firms, Real Estate companies, Architectural businesses, interior design, advertising and marketing firms and many more top-level businesses and professionals.

We deliver premium services to top-level professionals and companies. You will have access to the best available technology, design resources, expert support, and reliable talent that will ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS.

Contact us right now! We will help achieve your goals right away.

For immediate, 24-hour-response, service and support: call 646 474 8500, anywhere in the U.S. Email us: info @ digitalpresentationexperts.com

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