Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy on CD-ROM (Upper West Side)

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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy on CD-ROM
I have the entire text of the "Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy" --the 10 volumes of which can be seen in the photos-- on 1 CD-ROM that runs under Windows.

I would like to offer this CD-ROM in exchange for a 2.5" (internal or external) hard drive or an SD drive (256 GB or larger).

The hardcover set is sold at:

Some info is at:

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy is the most ambitious international philosophy project in many years. Edited by Edward Craig and assisted by thirty specialist subject editors, the REP consists of ten volumes of the world's most eminent philosophers writing for the needs of students and teachers of philosophy internationally. The REP is a project on an unparalleled scale:

Over 2000 entries ranging from 500 to 15,000 words in length - thematic, biographical and national
10 volumes consisting of over 5 million words of text plus considerable bibliographic material
A Chief Editor and thirty specialist Subject Editors from across the world
Over 1200 authors from all over the world.
The importance of the REP is not to be found just in the sheer size of the project but also in its breadth of subject matter. It covers:

The core of most Anglo-American philosophy - the metaphysical, epistemological and logical questions
The usual menu of ethics, political philosophy and the history of philosophy
The philosophy of other cultures - from Chinese, Arabic and Jewish philosophy to the philosophy of Africa and Latin America
The most impressive range of authors have been gathered together on this unique project: William Alston, Roderick Chisolm, Fred Dretske, Joel Feinberg, Sandra Harding, Larry Laudan, Martha Nussbaum, Richard Popkin, Richard Rorty, Alan Ryan, Gyatri Chakravorty Spivak, Stephen Stich, Patrick Suppes and Bernard Williams, to name just a few.

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