Living quarters desired in exchange for rent/bartered services (Great Neck or Kings Point)

Looking for a relatively short-lived living arrangement within the Great Neck or Kings Point communities until my retirement in January 2026. I can pay reasonable rent and/or exchange reasonable services in exchange for reasonable living quarters.

Upon retiring in 2026 I intend to relocate southward to my long-time family home in a desirable location roughly midway between here and south Florida. If you accept me into your home and our association goes well, I would be more than happy to having you and your family members as guests on your future southern-focused travels.

Professionally I am a life-long educator, teaching on a full-time basis. I enjoy singing and playing acoustic guitar to easy-listening music, growing flowers and vegetables from May to November, and partaking in activities on/around natural water bodies. During school breaks I head southward to visit family/friends and tend to my lifelong properties, or head westward to visit with my ~30-year old son.

I'm a non-smoker currently living quietly and amicably with another housemate in our current arrangement for 8-9 years. We have the top floor of a house. Sadly, both our landlord and landlady passed away a few months apart from each other in the first half of 2023. Since that time their children, a daughter and a son, have maintained the same rental agreement with us. But, as all good things come to pass, they are hoping to sell their parents' home in the spring of 2025 at which time my housemate and I will need to find other living arrangements. Considering this, I am simply being proactive to see if I might strike gold on the "Gold Coast" and find a place close by that will satisfy my relatively short-term living needs over the next 1 - to - 1.5 years.

As for my desirability of being an agreeable housemate, I actually had some rather elaborate long-term plans of maintaining my occupancy of my current living space that I shared with my landlady prior to her passing. Being so-close to the Big Apple and having a rather agreeable rental agreement, I asked her if she would be willing to continue renting my second-floor room to me after I retired with the expectation to see only me OR my retired older brother utilize the space for maybe 6 months total each year, or 3-4 months for each of us individually ...... and she said "Absolutely!" Sadly that's now just a sweet dream from the past.

Anyway, if the information provided above sounds appealing to your future desire to share a portion of your property with a single responsible professional, please send me a note via the CR portal. If your situation sounds appealing I will get back in touch with you very quickly.

Thank you for your time in reviewing my post.

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