2024 Honey Bee queens - $35 (Fredericksburg PA)

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!!! Northern QUEEN BEES !!!
Available May through October available to be picked up(txt show contact info ) or shipped (buzzinacres.square.site
Naturally Mated, marked, laying Northern Queens. $35 each.
These will come in a queen cage with a candy tube for slow, self-release introduction into your hive.
These queens are produced in PA from Overwintered Bees - Bred for gentleness, and productivity in the local climate

2024 Nucs available to be reserved now
5-frame Honey Bee colonies. Will come in a PRO plastic box that you keep.
These are 5 deep frame nucs produced using queens and bees raised here in Pennsylvania.
$175 in my nuc box

*if you are interested in 10 or more nucs call or text for special pricing

To order........
go to
choose the date you want to pickup and pay $25 non-refundable deposit required to order.
-pay cash for the remaining balance owed when you pickup your bees. I also accept credit cards for 4% upcharge
Questions call or text show contact info

Basic Beekeeping tools and equipment available also.

Startup Hive Kit - Consists of 1 bottom board, 1 entrance reducer, 2 deep boxes, 1 inner cover, 1 telescoping top cover, 15 frames w/foundation.

Startup Tool Kit: 2-in-1 stainless Hive Tool, bee brush, stainless smoker, cappings scratcher, pull-over jacket, and gloves

Beginner's Setup Kit: Startup Hive Kit and Startup Tool Kit and 5-frame nuc

My Bees I am selling both Queens and Nucs are Local Raised, Bred, and Naturally Mated Stock. They are not any specific breed but rather a Local Hybrid – offspring of bees that have successfully survived the climate year-round and over-wintered here in central PA. Every year I evaluate my colonies based on the following:
-Over-wintering ability
-Calmness (non-aggressive behavior)
-Colony Honey production
-Colony Brood production
-Ability to survive with minimal mite treatments
I choose my best performing hives to use as queen mother colonies for raising new queens to sell, produce nucs, and re-queen hives for my own use.

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