VINYL RECORDS WANTED (lp's, 12"s, 10"s, 7"s) - TOP CA$H GUARANTEED! - $10,000 (NY, NJ, LI & BEYOND)

VINYL RECORDS WANTED (lp's, 12"s, 10"s, 7"s) - TOP CA$H GUARANTEED! 1 thumbnailVINYL RECORDS WANTED (lp's, 12"s, 10"s, 7"s) - TOP CA$H GUARANTEED! 2 thumbnail
Do you have a few vinyl records to sell or perhaps a massive record collection of maybe hundreds or even thousands?
If so, call or text me today/anytime!

Call or (best) text (917) 449-5566 and/or email via “reply” tab above - save my info!

I will travel anywhere in the tri-state area and beyond for desirable collections! I always pay cash (however, I can pay electronically also - Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, etc)!
Social distancing/caution taken/respected (masks worn, etc).

I am a very serious, friendly, passionate and (most of all) very experienced record collector/buyer (30 years of collecting/buying records)! Highest/most competitive offers made for desirable records!

Ideally looking for 50’s to current day rock ‘n’ roll, soul, funk, punk, hardcore, metal, new wave, indie/alternative rock, blues, jazz, folk, disco/house/techno/rave/jungle (dance records), world (particularly reggae, African, French pop), electronic/20th century/concrete, weird/unexplainable AND SO MUCH MORE!

Unfortunately, I DO NOT BUY broadway showtunes, opera, easy listening, pop vocals (Andy Williams, Barbara Streisand, Sinatra, Tony Bennett etc...) and most classical records (although, feel free to let me know what artist/titles you have - I do buy 20th century/modern classical composers, i.e. John Cage, Stockhausen, Steve Reich).

Any shape, size, color and format of vinyl is fair game!
lp’s, 7” singles and 12” singles primarily!

**I also buy all kinds of other somewhat obsolete audio music formats; factory cassette tapes, reel to reel, 8-tracks, etc....

Additionally..... I buy vintage audio/stereo gear; particularly tube receivers, turntables, reel to reel decks, etc...
I buy vintage music magazines/fanzines (i.e. Creem, 60’s era Rolling Stone Magazine — Punk Magazine, smaller press stuff in particular) and books, promotional items (photos, press kits, posters, etc), tour/promo t-shirts, etc....
Again, feel free to contact me anytime at phone number or email listed above!

If/when you contact me, please try to provide as much info about what you have to sell as possible; i.e. approximate quantity of items, sample artists/bands, send photos and/or short videos via text or email (extremely helpful)!

Again, feel free to call/text ANYTIME if you have any questions at all and/or (more importantly) have records/other stuff you think I might want to buy!

I’m always excited to look at records and always buying, so (again) get in touch anytime!

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