Impress anyone with your cheeseburger skills! I got you. (Williamsburg/NYC)

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I've been cooking since I was a boy, and now I'm 38. I don't work in food service, but... cooking has always been a lifelong passion. Over the years, I found out a good burger is actually pretty hard to come by. They exist, no doubt, but they're usually pretty expensive. Or the popular stuff just kinda lacks that "made with love" character. That's what I'm teaching. I will come by your place, and give you a speed walkthrough, on the entire philosophy of making a good burger that will impress people.

I get it, you may not have the time or know where to start or maybe you just assumed you aren't good enough. I will solve all of these problems-- rest assured. I will come by your place, bring everything necessary so you don't have to worry about a single thing. I will spare nothing-- that means no detail will be left out, and I'll devote my full attention to show you everything I know and learned-- something that takes a lot of time, but will take us hardly any time at all to transfer to you!

After that, you will be able to impress your friends after a drunk night out, or make something special for your partners or loved ones, or just for you-- you deserve it :)

60 dollars gets you the complete lesson(about an hour or so, I don't really count), including all ingredients needed(we'll make like 2-3 burgers, all yours), and all you need is a stove.

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