GUITAR Lessons w/ Seasoned/Eclectic Pro (Brooklyn, NY + Earth) (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

offered in person
offered virtually
Professional and seasoned performing & recording guitarist currently offering lessons for in studio (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn), house calls (Manhattan & Brooklyn only), or Online.

I have 20 + years experience teaching privately - as well as in workshops - students of all levels (beginner to advanced) and all ages (youngest student ever: 7 / oldest: 84 - and still playing!). My methods vary from student to student as I focus on each one's strengths, weaknesses and goals/interests.

Some potential areas of focus during sessions:

• Technique: Finger-style, Flat-picking, Hybrid Techniques, Left/Right-Hand Balance, Scales, Arpeggios, Chord Progressions, etc.
• Learning By Ear: *Super IMPORTANT - more so than anything else, frankly. Ideally, we could spend a lot of time developing your ear and translating that to your instrument. Learning YOUR favorite music on guitar can be quite exciting!
• Reading Western Notation: *Optional - I highly recommend this, but it is not always within a musician's goals. We can spend a little, a lot or no time on this. It absolutely will help one to grow but there are many other means for musical growth.
• Harmonic Theory: Basic - Advanced: a certain level is key for all music. Most Western music is made up of the same musical DNA. It's important and insightful to delve into these areas whether you have a primary interest in one or many styles of music.
• Melodic Theory: Basic - Advanced: melodies are the fabric of most music. When we zoom in and deeply listen and/or analyze, we can unlock their algorithmic secrets which will allow us access to more and more music, subsequently.
• Chordal Concepts: Basic - Advanced: this is my bread and butter! I love chords and have spent tens of thousands of hours unlocking their secrets. Let me show you what I've found!
• Feel: SUPER important! All music has some sort of groove. We need to feel it, but in earlier stages of learning, this can be difficult. But it's almost like swimming or riding a bike: once we get the hang of getting into the groove, it always fits like a glove. Feel and groove can oftentimes make up for lack of technical knowledge, but NEVER vice-versa! We can spend quite a bit of time on groove alone - getting comfortable with any style(s) you desire.
• Tone: whether on acoustic or electric, tone is a key element of the styles of all your favorite players. Learn to mimic the tones of others and/or focus on finding your tone, YOUR sound!

As you can see, there are so many dimensions of the guitar to potentially explore. Lessons may also include basic to advanced music theory in conjunction with our studies together. I believe in an organic and engaged approach to teaching and learning. One should not be too rigid on either end of the exchange. As much as I have learned from my many teachers during 30 years of playing, I may have learned just as much, if not more from my students.

Sessions currently offered:

• My Home:
Learn in my home studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (close to Q, 2/3, C trains) - $75/hour | $110/90 mins
• Your Home:
Lessons in the comfort of your home in Manhattan or Brooklyn - $100/hour | $140/90 mins
• Online - Zoom, Skype, etc:
Fun & insightful! Study from ANYWHERE in the world - $75/hour | $110/90 mins

Please get in touch with any questions or serious inquiries.

Ben Tyree

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