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For the last 22 years I've been teaching a very special method that helps singers thrive and reach their highest potential.
There is no need to be limited by a small range, inefficient breathing patterns and tensions. I can help you go beyond those limitations and enjoy all the freedom that is possible in your singing.
I work also with very beginners to help them find their way into the wonderful world of singing. And I work with kids as well! The method is wonderful for children because I work with the senses and they respond very instinctively to it.

The method I teach helps also healing from vocal dysfunctions such as nodules, edemas, etc. It operates respecting the vocal function and helps the singer connect to how the voice is meant to be used. The deep repatterning done through this work helps the voice heal itself and reach a potential that is beyond what we can imagine. In this process I also help my students learn how to listen to their voice and respond to it when they sing on their own. I provide them with a "tool kit" they can use at will. They slowly become their own teachers gaining more and more independence from me over time.

I'm one of the few certified teachers of the Lichtenberger® Method (also called Functional Voice Training) in the US.
The goal of the Method is to find the most efficient way to use our voice, reaching our highest potential and discovering the real power of our voice with minimum effort. Reaching those troublesome high notes becomes easy and effortless. There is no need to warm up to sing, our voice is accessible any time at its maximum potential. Working with this method addresses also stage fright, and anxiety around performing and singing in general. You will let go of self-consciousness and gain greater contact with your voice and your body, feeling completely centered. Breathing will become second nature as it is already in your daily life. And most of all you'll discover that YOU CAN SING! You will regain TRUST IN YOUR VOICE no matter how many issues you've had with it. Your voice and abilities will surprise you beyond what you think is possible.

The method applies to all music genres and the speaking voice as well.

I'm now offering trial lessons at a discounted rate so that you can try the method and see if it works for you.
Email me if you’re interested in scheduling a trial lesson.

I teach out of my studio in Brooklyn and virtually.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Check out my website for more details and video testimonial: https://vocalserenity.com

You can read Google reviews https://g.co/kgs/Jdvuswp or continue reading below:


“Erene is a genius! She is a brilliant voice teacher.”
— Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies front man

"Working with Irene Mastrangeli was incredibly expanding. I have struggled for years with vocal issues (losing my voice excessively due to some damage/scarring) that made it very difficult in everyday activities, but mostly as an actor. Erene approached our work with ease and intrigue. It absolutely feels like an exploration of opening - an organic, fluid experience. She connects on a very deep level, allowing and guiding our bodies to work naturally to help aid itself. I am grateful to have met her!"
— Alice Kremelberg (actor on "Orange Is The New Black")

"Thank you Erene for freeing my voice!!
I have taken voice classes with several teachers, tried different methods and I am blown away by the gift that Erene shared with me. Her voice teaching method is incredible. It’s about letting go of control and letting the voice BE! I am so grateful for what I have learned with Erene. I have reached notes that I’ve never thought I would be able to reach. All that in a gentle way without forcing on my voice. Besides being an amazing teacher, Erene is a beautiful and very kind human being."
— Marine Fourment

"Erene is amazing. I've been a bass player for 40 years, and background singing, but never confident with my vocals. I tried with a few instructors, but didn't find a fit. I expanded my search in NYC listings, and found Erene. We did several sessions in-person. She and I also did Zoom while I traveled, and the difference became apparent, singing with my band. I now see her once or twice a month, to work on various songs, and cannot recommend her more highly. Every time I finish a session, I'm singing notes, and songs with less effort, and clarity. After several instructors, Erene is the best I've found, and changed my confidence to sing live. I now get accolades from my fellow musicians, and the audience."
— Adam Lawrence

"I highly recommend Erene! I found her online. I had never had a private singing lesson before. We met at her studio and she immediately made me feel comfortable. We started very slowly without intimidating techniques and there was never any rush or pressure. I have had two sessions so far and they have made a huge difference in my confidence and trust in my voice. I am a visual artist and have always wanted to sing better and have more fun with my voice, however since I don't have one of those obviously good voices, I didn't believe I deserved a singing lesson. However I feel so enlivened by the sessions with Erene that I have had many lyrics for songs come to me afterwards. It is so exciting for me to open up this creative door. I look forward to continue to explore this and to accept this gift to myself. I feel lucky to have found Erene! Thank you!"
— Ilse Murdock

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