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compensation: $300-$700
employment type: employee's choice

Welcome fellow canine worshippers ! We are a passionate, professional dog care company serving south-west Brooklyn and all of its interior, and some peripheral neighborhoods. We have been in business now, over 10 years, and are based in Park Slope. We are dog walkers and sitters who place a premium on building dog’s socialization skills and modifying their behavior, as well as of course, showing them a grand time, day in and day out ! Essentially, we are entertainers as much as we are caretakers.

If you have experience that's terrific, but a huge heart and a great attitude are most important. This is a sweet gig for artists, musicians and actors, designers, all of which we are, or have been. We have a tight crew, and have a very soulful experience doing what we do. We are bananas about our animals !


*Have part-time, full-time and “sub” positions available. Part-time consists of 15-20 hrs per week, e.g, 3 full days at 5-6 hrs. There is potential flexibility for, e.g, 4-5 days, working 3 hour shifts, early, mid or late afternoons. All “full” shifts are approximately 11:00 am to 5:30 pm. Please do not apply if you do not have availability during these hours. We do not have morning, evening or weekend shifts for you.

*Offer you a competitive hourly rate with opportunities for growth and promotion within our organization as well as raises commensurate with sustained tenure and exceptional performance. Potential to move into management is possible. Potential work with administrative, social media, graphic design, marketing, or video-editing is a potential option.

*Pay by the hour, and not by the dog. I’ll be frank, and break this down for you. When you are paid by the dog, yes, you can make more money but…the organization you work for needs to furbish you with 12-15 dogs per day in order to do so, and, you have to be capable of handling such a load. It’s enticing to think you could make say, $10-12 per dog at 12-15 per day, but in reality, more often than not ( not always, I concede ) you won’t reliably get that kind of roster. I advise you to do your research. When you are paid by the hour, you are paid for travel time, you are paid the same, whether you are walking one or four dogs, you are paid for your time. In addition, you have employee status here, rather than I.C status, therefore you do not have the burdensome responsibility for filing quarterly taxes.

*Some of our benefits include paid training, paid sick leave, workman’s comp, disability, paid family leave, liability including bonding. Some benefits we are working towards providing for those who have solidified ample time with us include health care, 401k, transportation reimbursement, and potential ancillary wages for volunteer work at rescues we are affiliated with.
Offer weekend work for a higher rate, and overnight sits to those have proven their trustworthiness and competency.


*Must LOVE dogs, and REALLY want to work with them, that you ? Awesome ! If you merely LIKE dogs, and need a job, so you figure, hey, why not ? This won’t be a good fit.

*Must have terrific communication skills, in person, and even maybe more importantly, via text. You must be able to communicate fluidly, in full sentences, in detail, via text message with clients and management. Must be personable, and presentable. While there is an element of solitude to this line of work, in fact, you will meet many owners, and need to be just as cool, and warm, as if you were say, tending bar at a high end restaurant or club. This is a service industry. It is a social, face-time industry, and we are always interacting with people, whether it be clients or strangers on the street. Being personable and even charming, goes a long way here. Having integrity is paramount. “Having integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”.

*Must be WILLING and committed to joining us for an ample amount of time, at least a year. We understand that there is a transient quality to this line of work, much like bartending, or being a barista, and that being a dog walker is not likely to be your career trajectory; but the sensitive nature of our responsibilities i.e, caring for people’s precious animals, having access to their homes, etc…requires us to invest in individuals that honor this dynamic and therefore are very much willing to commit to sustained employment here. We have an obligation to our clients and their animals to build and fortify trust, and that can only be done with enduring and consistent service, namely, in the dedicated and sustained presence of the caretakers. Many of our past employees who have left on good terms and done great work, stay in the fold, and continue to come back and fill-in, or even pick a route back-up. We love having this kind of community, family if you will.

*Must be willing to walk multiple dogs, learn how to read body language, if you do not already; safely facilitate play, settle skirmishes if necessary, i.e, learn to, and execute conflict resolution, and to learn and foster, or as we call it “ broker”, positive relationships between dogs.

*Must have a bike, car or motorcycle-scooter ( no razors or skateboards will do ) If you do not have a bicycle, we may be able to provide one for you until you can purchase your own. Must be WILLING to purchase your own. Most importantly, you must be WILLING to ride a bike in almost any weather condition, sans a massive blizzard.

*Must be comfortable and WILLING to work with all breeds and temperaments. You will not be permitted to pick and choose which dogs you’ll care for from our roster.

*Must be WILLING to work in ALL weather conditions without exception, without complaint.

*Must have proper clothing for ALL weather conditions e.g, rainwear, water proof boots, etc.

*Must be at least 21 years old

*Must be in in fairly decent shape, or WILLING to get in shape. This is can be a physically demanding job at times. Must be WILLING and able to carry some dogs, even up and down flights of stairs. Though rare, sometimes it’s necessary. Must be coordinated and have quick reflexes, and have a keen sense of “situational awareness”.

*Must have a smart phone with unlimited data and be willing to download our admin-app and use it. Bonus points to those of you who have serious smart phone photo or video chops.

*Must live relatively close to South-West Brooklyn ( Southern Queens, Southern Manhattan, all of Brooklyn is fine. Beyond these peripheral areas is not acceptable, is too far ) The closer you live to say, Barclays, the better

*Must be WILLING to undergo a background check and be able to work legally in the U.S

*Most importantly, you must be GAME, and have a “can-and-will-do” attitude. You will fit in here, if you are enthusiastic; forthright and transparent in your manner and communication style, demonstrative with the dogs, affectionate, upbeat, playful, diplomatic, and generally, just affable.

*Must be enthusiastic about learning with an eager and humble attitude. Whether you have worked at another dog care company or not, I guarantee you, you will learn new things with us. We love to share what we know !

*Must be a team player. We all support each other, and put the dog’s well being and our responsibilities in the foreground when working. Must be timely when communicating, and willing and able to adapt, improvise and overcome at the drop of a dime. We operate more like a jazz ensemble than a marching band.

If you have applied to us before, please don’t hesitate to apply again and again. We receive an abundance of inquiries, and very often if you don’t hear back from us, it was likely a timing issue rather than a reflection of your qualifications.

Please include a cover letter, attach your resume, and include photo/s of you, preferably with dog/s, if not, without is fine. We WILL NOT respond to any inquiries that do not include these three prerequisites.

Please just tell us about yourself. What is your experience with dogs, professionally and/or non-professionally ? What are your interests ? What are your hobbies ? What kind of plans do you have for the future, short term and/or long term ? Basically, tell us about yourself and why you would like to work with dogs and what assets you have which you believe would be of value to our organization.

Also, please tell us what neighborhood you live in and how long you have lived in NYC. Are you working now ? What is you current job, do you plan on keeping it if it’s part time ? If you are not working, what was your last job, why did you leave ?, What mode of transportation do you have ? What is your availability ? What hours are you looking for ?

Thank you so much for reading. I know this posting is quite verbose. We just really want to find the very best people for our organization. Hope that’s you !

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $300.00 to $700.00 /week
  • OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

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