Originally Posted: 2005-09-11 01:41 (no longer live)

I am nominating Craig for head of FEMA

This is what Craig has done during his tenure with me:
1. gotten me laid many times
2. found me a boyfriend
3. rid me of my boxes
4. found me roommates
5. rid me of my roommates
6. found me exercise partners
7. did I mention gotten me laid?

I think the fact that Craig achieved #1 and 2 says that this guy can tackle a hefty job. #3 says he can handle movement of supplies. #4 and #5 says he knows how to manage people. Everyone knows that Craig has shown himself the world over to be a superior supplier of housing. In addition, Craig knows toxic waste- I mean, he manages numerous Casual Encounters boards.

There is no better man or woman for this job. Vote Craig!!!

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