Originally Posted: 2006-03-08 16:04

my pee pee loves you (chicago)

That's right. You heard me. My pee pee loves you.

I don't mean pee pee like urine, but the other pee pee. Look, I'm trying not to be vulgar here, but there's no other way to describe how I feel about you. Granted, my pee pee has never met your hoo ha directly, but I think it knows generally what to expect from that particular area on a woman.

I'm guessing that you have an excellent hoo ha. The rest of you is so great, it must be nice.

And let's face it, neither me nor my pee pee have ever met a hoo ha we didn't like. Except for the crazy hippy girl. We never, ever want to see that thing again.

So, how do I go about getting our basic parts to meet? I'm seriously no good at this.

Maybe I could just bump into you on "accident". No, that's creepy. Plus, the logistics of a maneuver like that contravene the laws of possibility. I think. Of course it could be that whole thing about the infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters and eventually writing Shakespeare.

But, of course, I only have one pee pee with a very finite amount of boner time. And you, more than likely, only have one hoo ha.

I really suck at dating.


pee pee man

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