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$99000 Halal Pizzeria with Mexican Food for Sale. (ljma-pizz) $99000 (Western Queens)

$390000 Great-Looking Salon and Spa in Office Building for Sale. (ljma-beaut) $390000 (Nassau County)

$139000 Numbers Up! Price the Same! Pizzeria for Sale. (ljma-pizz) (ljma-rest) $139000 (Nassau County)

$225000 Absentee-Run Sports Bar for Sale in Desirable Location. (ljma-bar) $225000 (Western Suffolk County)

$149000 Mostly Absentee-Run Pizzeria for Sale. $149000 (Western Suffolk County)

$189000 Take-Out & Delivery Deli off Route 110 For Sale. Low Rent. (ljma-deli) $189000 (Western Suffolk County)

$1500000 Car Wash on Very Busy Road. (ljma-carw) $1500000 (Nassau County)

$129000 Pizzeria for Sale. Part-Time Owner Nets $90K. Low Rent. (ljma-pizz) $129000 (Southwest Suffolk County)

$950000 Absentee-Run, Completely Renovated Car Wash for Sale. (ljma-carw) $950000 (Nassau County)

$390000 Pizzeria Restaurant with Wine and Beer License for Sale. (ljma-pizz) $390000 (Queens)

$1400000 Semi-Absentee-Run Car Wash for Sale. Property Available. (ljma-carw) $1400000 (Suffolk County)

$259000 Busy Nassau County Deli for Sale. Seller Retiring. (ljma-deli) $259000 (Nassau County)

$1000000 3200 SF Laundromat for Sale. Grosses $660K. (ljma-laun) $1000000 (Queens)

$1800000 Gigantic Absentee-Run Beauty Salon & Spa. (ljma-beaut) (ljma-abs) $1800000 (Midtown East)

$139000 Semi-Absentee Frozen Pizza Production & Route. (ljma-pizz ljma-route) $139000 (Suffolk County)

$900000 Beauty Salon. $600K Net Profit Absentee!! (ljma-beaut) (ljma-abs) $900000 (Upper East Side)

$2490000 Mega-Sized Beauty Salon and Spa. 10,000+ Square Feet. (ljma-beaut) $2490000 (Nassau County)

$99000 Pizzeria for Sale. Owner is Moving. (ljma-pizz) $99000 (Western Queens)

$950000 Beauty Salon So Busy They Hired 2 More Hairdressers! (ljma-beaut) $950000 (Upper East Side)

$299000 Liquor Store with Net Profit $160K and Could Do More! (ljma-liq) $299000 (Far Eastern Nassau County)

$118000 Pristine Bar/Lounge with Party Rooms! 3000 sq ft (ljma-bar) $118000 (Central Queens) pic

$49000 100% Absentee-Run Beauty Salon. (ljma-beaut) (ljma-abs) $49000 (Central Nassau County)

$105000 Food Route for Sale. Work Four Days and Net $60K/Year. (ljma-route) $105000 (Long Island)

$99000 Reduced. High Cash Flow Barber Shop for Under Net. (ljma-barb) $99000 (Nassau County)

$109000 Beauty Salon 4 Sale. Low Rent. Great for Owner-Operator. (ljma-beaut) $109000 (South Western Nassau County)

$699000 100% Absentee Laundromat. All-New. Verifiable Numbers. (ljma-laun) $699000 (Eastern Queens)

$1250000 Semi-Absentee Liquor Store w/Property. $1M Gross. (ljma-liq ljma-abs) $1250000 (Queens)

$165000 Bronx Laundromat for Sale. (ljma-laun) $165000 (Bronx) pic

$69000 Closed Restaurant & Ice Cream Store for Sale.(ljma-rest) (ljma-closed) $69000 (Suffolk County)

$400000 Famous Bronx Italian Restaurant for Sale. (ljma-rest) $400000 (Bronx)

$400000 Medical Center for Physician or Non-Medical Person. (ljma-med) $400000 (Queens)

$169000 Busy Nassau County Laundromat for Sale. (ljma-laun) $169000 (Nassau County)

$69000 This Affordable Laundromat Has 75% New Machines. (ljma-laun) $69000 (Suffolk County)

$499000 Big Pizzeria/Rest/Bar. Does $1.5M+ Opt. Property.(ljma-pizz ljma-rest) $499000 (Queens)

$199000 Liquor Store for Sale. VERY Low Rent. Should Be Open Later. (ljma-liq) $199000 (Suffolk County)

$295000 Absentee-Run Pizzeria. Huge Catering/Deliv. Bus. (ljma-pizz ljma-abs) $295000 (Queens) map

$295000 100% Absentee-Run Pizzeria. Net Profit $130K (ljma-abs, ljma-pizz) $295000 (Queens)

$89000 Busy Deli for Sale. Priced Right. Reduced! (ljma-deli) $89000 (Eastern Nassau County)

$249000 Absentee-Run Music School for Sale with Verifiable Income. (ljma-abs) $249000 (Western Suffolk County)

$149000 THREE Restaurants for the Price of One!!! (ljma-deli) (ljma-rest) $149000 (Central Nassau County)

$950000 Beauty Salon. $600K Net Profit Absentee!! (ljma-beaut) (ljma-abs) $950000 (Upper East Side)

$239000 Bar / Tavern / Restaurant for Sale. (ljma-bar) $239000 (Western Suffolk County, South Shore)

$1800000 Gigantic Absentee-Run Beauty Salon & Spa. (ljma-beaut) (ljma-abs) $1800000 (Midtown East)

$429000 Immaculate Laundromat for Sale. $140,000 Net Profit. (ljma-laun) $429000 (Queens)

$120000 Pizzeria Restaurant with Patio in Upscale Town (ljma-pizz ljma-rest) $120000 (S. Suffolk County)

$349000 Profitable Beauty Salon /Spa for Sale. (ljma-beaut) $349000 (Western Queens)

$239000 Liquor Store with Upside in Huge Shopping Mall. (ljma-liq) $239000 (North Nassau County)

$80000 Liquor Store for Sale. Opt. Property (ljma-liq)(ljma-abs)(ljma-prop) $80000 (Nassau County)

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