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Oh hell no

Its Warmer where you are!

Man that adorelist!

Also, The adorelist

Re: Time to rename CL-The Adorelist-traineelist

Lost everything?


Re: Fuck New York

I am Obsessed.... (Queens, ASStoria) pic

Where are the best GloryHoles (Corona) pic

Good/Great job!

28 look for female 28 (far Rockaway)

More stupid: Chicagoans or New Yorkers? (Blago and Bloomberg)

The Ballad of Panchito Burrito - mexican hero

35 ______________________The Dept. of Buildings will NEVER change 35 (De Blasio has his head up his ass)

Lazy Albanian (?) bitch on the M train

35 Let the SCUM on foodstamps work or starve 35

Grace Meng to change name to... (Blago? Who's your daddy Grace?)

________________Is Google Evil? (kinda looks that way)

42 What happens when you report a corrupt MTA worker? Nothing 42 (Cuomo changes nothing)

35 Is CL 'helpless' against auto-flagging software? 35 (had this experience?)

35 re: St. John the Divine - $$$$ for Jesus 35 (got a letter from the Rev.)

32 __________Wealthy powerful blacks shit on their own community 32

35 Welfare is soooo FUCKED up 35 (how they spend YOUR $$$$) pic

29 India has 10 Hiroshimas a year 29

26 You pay for your insurance, LaKeisha and Juanita get free medical care 26

i"VE ritten 192 wikipedia articles (and i didn't grayate frum hischool (give jimmy yer $$$$)

28 I is 400Lbs, I can talk but I's can't breathe... 28

35 a study shows 65% of WordPress blogs have been inactive for over 3 yrs 35 (the net is a sewer)

25 The protests should be directed at Bratton's stupid policy 25 ('broken windows' is stupid)

32 re: rant against Wordpress (there are alternatives to WP) 32 (as a harassment tool)

37 560 million people in India do not have indoor toilets 37 (...leads to high rape stats)

28 Eric Garner --> 6 kids, any job? 28

32 India - among the most hated countries in the world? 32 (a moral shit-hole?)

32 Need a fake Latino name? Get your new NY City ID card! 32 (municipal ID)

Bill Bratton killed Eric Garner

Boycott India? I think so (nyc)

19 SHSAT test to be dumbed down to help stanky ass black students 19 (Stuy HS)

24 re: Dear Congress, please make black people work? 24 (to the 'dimwit' nigga)

28 Cute Asian Sensual massage. 28 (flushing) pic


19 SHSAT test to be dumbed down to help stanky ass black students 19 (Stuy HS)

_______________Joe Crowley and his political machine must go (Queens CORRUPTION!)

28 Craigslist censorship: the 'autoflagger' cover up 28 (most corrupt site on the net)

31 Playing Hookie today 31 M 31 (Jamaica Queens )

RE: A TRUE Patriot... (WoodsideUSA)

Anyone can hit a quarter dead center from 3 feet away... (WoodsideUSA)

Hooked on phonics worked for me!

28 Craigslist censorship: the 'autoflagger' cover up 28 (most corrupt site on the net)

37 bottom needed 37 (queens)

Asian chick, low white Converse sneakers, white paisley tote (G train to Court Sq. for E train)

brunette, silver fingernails, BLACK: M.K. shoes & coat & wallet (Manhattan-bound E train @ Queens Plaza)

Indian chick, grey & white scarf, BLACK leather jacket & high heels (Manhattan-bound F train)

black chick, diamond earrings, gold watch, knee boots (Manhattan-bound E train @ Roosevelt Ave.)

30 Grade A-1 Deepthroat 30 (195 St ) pic

22 Young black woman fantasies 22 (east elmhurst)

ny cops

re:>>>Now we know who it is

Drive-through etiquette (Greenport, L.I.)

Re: $ex and work and the in betweens. - 22 (Queens) (WoodsideUSA)

More About Jodi Arias... (WoodsideUSA) pic

22 $ex and work and the in betweens. 22 (Queens)

Bernhard Goetz was no hero... (WoodsideUSA)

When I Die... (WoodsideUSA) pic

35 Dear Congress: please make black people work 35


29 My Sex Fantasy... - m4w 29 (New York)

For Jews... (WoodsideUSA)

Re: If You "Disrepsect An Order From The Police," Then. . . (WoodsideUSA)

Oh Its horrible now

30 tattoo artist's sale available for artwork 30 pic

To All Of You Anti-Gun People... (WoodsideUSA) pic

You Want To Know What's A REAL Shame? (WoodsideUSA) pic

Re: Rant: MasterChef jr (32/f) (WoodsideUSA)

Rant: MasterChef jr (32/f) pic

21 The Reason all of this keeps happening 21 (America) pic

Crackas-i have to tell ya

Re: RAVE: The Police (NYC) (WoodsideUSA)

A Missed Opportunity... (WoodsideUSA) pic

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