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56 Work Romance - m4w 56 (Manhattan)

57 LaGuardia - m4w 57 (LaGuardia)

Today I am missin' your kissin'... - w4m

equinox rock center, friday morning - m4m (Midtown) map

Are We There Yet? - m4w

37 I gave you the wrong number - m4w 37 (Midtown West) map

Finally! A Convincing Love Story map

For you - m4w pic

You helped me with glasses on Thursday - m4w (Flatiron)


New Museum - w4m map

Mujer Hermosa on C Train - m4w (TriBeCa) map

JetBlue Mint - m4w (Flatiron) map

29 Front Desk at MSF - m4m 29 (Midtown West) map

The Pit. Wednesday - m4w (Flatiron) map

On the 7 train today - m4w map

NYSC - m4m map

Echo of your precious heart... pic

You Are a Failure - w4m (Midtown) map

Rainbow situation - w4m

Spoke on the Path train - u in publishing - m4w (Financial District) map

50 Equinox - 63 - m4m 50 (Midtown East) map

Nysc irving place sauna - m4m (Midtown East)

It's cold outside...R - w4m

For you - m4w pic

29 Meet at Phebe's then went to Blind Barber on Friday 2/5 - m4w 29 (East Village)

34 equinox 17th st. around 8pm tonight - m4m 34 (Chelsea)

I saw you on the 1 train - w4m (Chelsea) map

Downtown 1 train (this is a long shot) - m4w (Midtown West)

Blue Eyed Babe on 14th Street A Train Platform, Thursday Afternoon - w4m (Chelsea) map

SOCKS FOR THE HOMELESS*!*!*!*!*! - m4ww pic

SOCKS FOR THE HOMELESS*!*!*!*!*! - w4mm pic

23 and 8th around 3:30 - m4m (Chelsea) map

Uptown N to Lex/59th, 6pm - m4w (Midtown) map

37 Guinness drinker 23 years old - m4w 37 (Midtown West) map

"Burrito girl" - m4w

Silver sequence tights - m4w (Midtown West) map

34 Babylon train line - m4w 34 (East Village)

Alone at Wendys - m4w (Murray Hill) map


54 Bergdorfs - m4w 54 (57th and Fifth)

41 Asian bottom looking for black top - m4m 41 (Upper East Side) map

BIG 6'+ BLONDE DUDE WITH BRAIDED MOHAWK! - m4m (Inwood / Wash Hts) map

35 BIG 6' BLONDE DUDE WITH BRAIDED MOHAWK! - m4m 35 (Inwood / Wash Hts) map

27 Crunch W38th Sauna Thurs 1:30pm - m4m 27 (Midtown) map

56 Blonde on Lex Line Tuesday Morning - m4w 56 (Upper East Side)

55 Theatre District Restaurant - m4w 55 (Midtown West)

28 equinox bryant park locker room - m4m 28 (Midtown West) map

U.K. Guy looking for the girl I met on 24th January - m4w (Midtown West) map

l noticed gou on the uptown 6 train yesterday - m4w (Midtown East) map

54 At the MET - m4w 54 (Manhattan)

53 Taxis Stopped at Traffic Light - m4w 53 (Midtown)

Advice for women f*cked over by a guy they thought was true: - w4w (On the inside) map

To the most beautiful woman with the beautifully flowered name - m4w

37 Feed ME YOUR CUM - m4mm 37 (manhattan) pic map

37 Feed ME YOUR CUM - m4mm 37 (manhattan) pic map

For you - m4w pic

37 Feed ME YOUR CUM - m4mm 37 (manhattan) pic map

If you don't mind dating someone with a disability - m4w

looking to buy your artwork - m4w

25 cum hungry jock slut hungry for XL RAW LOADS - m4m 25 (Upper East Side) pic map

Lincoln Center for Jonas Mekas - m4m (Upper West Side)

21 The russian princess all natural bombshell no limits - t4m 21 (Upper West Side) pic map

35 Q TRAIN 34St-CANAL St on 2/10 - m4w 35 (Chinatown / Lit Italy) map

A dream often pic

25 you bought me a drink at Molly's on 2nd ave - w4m 25 map

knick-knacks & artifacts - w4m (Flatiron) map

The Magic Touch - m4w (Upper East Side) map

❤️Still looking for the girl who was drinking Guinness ❤ (Midtown West) map

W4th Subway 2/9/16 - m4m (Greenwich Village) map

35 Equinox steam room, Tuesday night - m4m 35 (Upper West Side)

28 L TRAIN 10 PM - m4m 28 (East Village)

30 You: Tatooed hottie on uptown C train tonight..approx 9pm. - m4m 30 (Inwood / Wash Hts) map

For you - m4w pic

Reading First Aid Text on Uptown 2 Train, 11:30am Thurs 2/4 - m4w (Uptown 2 train) map

28 Hot dudes from John Jay College or Fordham University - m4m 28 (Midtown West)

Maria from the Bronx - m4w (3150 Rochambeau Ave) pic map

51 Hot thick white woman - m4w 51 (Park Slope) map

Equinox rock center steam/sauna - m4m (Midtown) map

54 Walking Your Dog - m4w 54 (UES)

56 Drinks on Columbus Avenue - m4w 56 (UWS)

For you - m4w pic

Glasses at Bruno's - m4w (Stuyvesant Town) map

Attractive Blonde on 6 Train - m4w (Union Square)

53 Saturday Night on Madison Avenue - m4w 53 (UES)

54 Lobby Bar - m4w 54 (Midtown)

longing - w4m (absence) map

model at Spreadhouse - m4m (Lower East Side) map

I gave you the wrong cell phone number - m4w (Midtown West)

I'm not supposed to miss you but I do. - w4m (Financial District) map

Jake from Happn', what happened? - w4m (Midtown West) map

Group jerkoff Wednesday morning nysc - m4m (Midtown East)

Figuring out ELFA shelves - m4w (Chelsea) map

28 Huge dick getting dressed you saw me staring - m4m 28 (Midtown West) map

B Train (86th St.) Guy Reading Book - w4m (Upper West Side) map

you're a writer, so am I - m4w (SoHo) map

nysc 8 and 16 (Chelsea) map

Tending Bar on a winters day - m4w (Brooklyn) map

You said Hi!! Maybe next time you'll stop. - m4m (Midtown East) map

Black girl on the 1 train uptown - m4w map

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