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28 I need money plain an simple 28 (brooklyn)

blonde, long pink down jacket, off-white knapsack (G train, Metropolitan Ave. to Greenpoint)

26 the only master massage therapy 26 (brooklyn and story telling)

This is MY CAT (LOVE RULES) pic

RE: Yeti Sighting On Long Island - 90 (long island) (Jerry)

Re; Re: Dr. Kenneth Wethers (Jerry)

brunette, plaid scarf, olive jacket, beige boots w/ fringe (L train to Graham Ave.)

Re: "Holy Shit" (Brooklyn-bound G train @ Metropolitan Av)

brunette, white knapsack, beige pants & snow boots, book (L train platform @ Lorimer St.)

dude, black Vivitar knapsack, green pants, blue wool cap & slip ons (Brooklyn-bound G train @ Metropolitan Av)

honey-haired chick, purple & white knapsack w/ blue straps, ebook (Queens-bound G train @ Metropolitan Ave.)

honey-haired chick w/ sunglasses, short white jacket, grey wool cap (exiting G train to Court Sq.)

brunette, red lips, big ring on left hand, sunglasses, (Manhattan-bound L train @ Graham Ave.)

Re: Asian Men Are MAMA's Boy

Medgar Evers School: Huge waste of tax dollars on the negro. (Brooklyn) pic

The Super Balls (Lmao)

RE: Jeff, NYCIW, Wethers & Jerry (Jerry)

49 call me 49 (BKLYN)

wtf is that all it takes is a hung guy (brooklyn) pic

19 Beautiful Chocolate bombshell Ebony!! busty and slim - 19 (williamsburg brooklyn)


Mr. Cubs. Ernie Banks (Jerry)

guy, hooded parka, orange knapsack, shorts (C Town on Graham Ave., E. W'burg)

honey-haired chick, hair in knot, glasses, black sparkly slip ons (Mother's, Graham Ave.)

brunette, white jacket, salmon scarf, white tote (Brooklyn-bound G train @ Metropolitan Av)

brunette, red coat, green scarf, book, red & black shoes (Queens-bound G train @ Metropolitan Ave.)

blonde, grey socks, blue plaid pants, music device, black wool cap (G train, Metropolitan Ave. to Greenpoint)

honey-haired chick, grey coat & big wool scarf, black bag (Saldo's Pharmacy on Graham Ave.)

blonde, beige Uggs, purple hoody, black wool cap&parka (Nails on Graham, E. W'burg)

brunette, glasses, grey wool cap, eating cottage cheese while walking (Graham Ave., E.W'burg)

FERGUSON- Post Asian, Latino and White victims of Black Violence (Eric Garner, etc)

re being invaded by the Europeans

re:Too many AR15's in the country?!?! Well we can fix that! (NYC Iron

32 You're going to die- Will you linger too long? 32 (bay ridge brooklyn) pic


moon powered people? (sunset park)

sweet rocky mountain climbing tonight

re:Obama FAIL ! - 46 (Inwood / Wash Hts) pic

blonde, sparkly purse, plaid parka, camo shirt (taxi on Whyte Ave., W'burg)

62 tell me your problem 62 (NYC) pic

40 Re: "Why Don't Asians Like Black People" 40 (Your Cultural Opposites)

RE: Make a Republican hand clean your bowl - 21 (They deserve it)

Republicans to remove border fence (New York)

re: Senate voted virtually unanimously that climate change is occurri

That's a whole lot of hogs' balls, conservatards! pic

brunette w/ ponytail, grey shirt, brown down vest, white sneakers (Metropolitan Ave. to Marcy Ave.)

Courtney, blonde hair, grey socks, black & white striped blouse (Grand St., E. W'burg)

blonde, pink fingernails, brown boots, sunglasses, hunter cap w/ flaps (Metropolitan Ave., E. W'burg)

re:re:re:re: Economic Question for Liberals

re:re:re: Economic Question for Liberals pic

Russians-welfare food stamps housing (Bensonhurst)

re: Wonder Bread Stock SOARS! (buy buy buy!)

re:re: Economic Question for Liberals pic

Hey Nelson (re: question for liberals)

re: Economic Question for Liberals

re:Question for Liberals

re:Nielsen Ratings HIGHER for Joni Ernst! (why so surprised?)

blonde, plastic C Town shopping bag, coffee, white wool cap, Nikes (Metropolitan Ave., E.W'burg)

brunette, glasses, black & white umbrella, orange & white bag, (Manhattan-bound L train @ Graham Ave.)

redhead, floral headband, applying make up, brown boots, pierced lip (Manhattan-bound L train)

Thank you hip hop/media for increasing BM/WF relationships

re:White men in sheep's clothing *BEWARE* - 23

23 White men in sheep's clothing *BEWARE* 23

Too many black punks think they c-- 3 inch craka

The NYPD slowdown and how the winter affects it pic

Di blasio worst mayor ever

This is on the QT (Quite. Don't say nothing)

brunette, brown pants, black plunging neckline top, no coat, friends (Brooklyn-bound G train @ Metropolitan Av)

RE: what is this jeff person's deal? (Legitimately Curious) (Jerry, I think)

31 Need A Apartment For Incalls 31 (Brooklyn) pic

Tonight (Brooklyn)

Wtf happened to brooklyn?

al sharpton is the real devil (all over the us)

65 Another false flag, why no crying? 65 (54th&vine) pic


 re Message to all you Ching Chong women who think your shit dont stin

 To the fugly ass ching chong lady and her fat trollish partner (Damm yellow chink scum)

Need Money for Exam (New York)

ginger-haired chick, green headband, white tote, music device (Manhattan-bound L train @ Graham Ave.)

blonde, olive parka w/ hood, green scarf over head, white sneakers (Brooklyn-bound G train @ Metropolitan Av)

23 Thug type guys available for males on the 23 (Fulton Mall)

why do asian not like black people?

"Republicans are a blight on this nation" sez me the silly tard. (One word poster)

31 getting bitten by something - freaking out 31

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