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Thu Apr 17

Apr 17 I need now . I am a bbw

46 Apr 17 I want to complain about not being allowed to post my blog in forums. 46 (Downtown) pic

Apr 16 Casual Friend Needed

21 Apr 16 Nude and Erotic Model 21 (NA)

Apr 16 blonde, gold shoes, beige bag on chain, salmon scarf (Jamaica Station)

Wed Apr 16

Apr 16 blonde, beige leather jacket, blue scarf, Gucci bag, green shoes (hair up in knot, 8th Ave. & 34th St.)

44 Apr 16 YOLO 44 (Greenwich Village) pic

Apr 16 blonde, camouflage down vest, white blouse,leopard shoes, jeggings (Guy & Gallard, E.34th St.)

Apr 16 brunette w/ glasses, white tiger face t-shirt, brown lace up boots (5th Ave., midtown)

Apr 16 blonde, pink cut offs, floral multi-colored knapsack, Floyd Lacrosse ( 8th Ave. & 34th St.)

Apr 16 blonde, hot pink quilted down vest, blue Nikes, violet tights (Wells Fargo ATM @ Mad. Ave. & 34th St.)

Apr 16 blonde, pink jeans, green orange & gold tote, blue sandals (Duane Reade on W. 33rd St.)

44 Apr 16 Re: Craven Raven 44 (Bronx)

Apr 16 I've been in a homeless shelter (Lower East Side)

Apr 16 RE:We are very aware that most of our US military (NYC Iron Worker)

Apr 16 Re: We are very aware that doesn't make sense (NYC Iron Worker) pic

Apr 16 re: does anybody know (greenwhich) pic

Apr 16 "Man about town"

Apr 16 I'm very aware that Eight Plus doesn't make firearms. (NYC Iron Worker) pic

Apr 16 ssa in west babylon

Apr 16 does anybody know (greenwich)

Apr 16 re:>>>meme

Apr 16 Con's Totally POUNDED AGAIN: This Week's at an All Time high NOW (The Conservative OUCH!!!) pic

Apr 16 Aw, libs pic

Apr 16 Amazing Book! (Midtown West) pic

Apr 16 The love of my life- he dont know it yet (Witchy)

Apr 16 Re: Those 2 are out there! (Yesteryear)

31 Apr 16 Movies! 31 (Williamsburg)

Apr 16 A Typical, Intelligent,Beautiful & Wealthy Mulatto (Mulatto Girl via the U.K.) pic

40 Apr 16 dead presidents to let me clean ur dress shoes/boots 40 (Upper East Side)


Apr 16 great news cons... oops......... pic

Apr 16 Re: to tell the truth (bedstye) pic

Apr 16 Republic Wireless - DISCOUNT - Check it out

Apr 16 It is over.

Apr 16 he was a spy for the FBI in the 1980's?? pic

Apr 16 whipped cream is the best!! pic

Apr 16 RE:Please Rate My Banana!! pic

Apr 16 BMW is a sweet ride. pic

Apr 16 What was that about the 57 states again?? pic

Apr 16 re; President lost my vote & Support

Apr 16 The return of a lunatic pic


Apr 16 Ohhh Boyyyy!!!

Apr 16 2016 bumper sticker pic

Apr 16 RE::Re: 2016 bumper sticker ? pic

Apr 16 re: 2016 bumper sticker

Apr 16 re: tell the truth

49 Apr 16 These 2 short sentences tell you a lot about our gov't and our culture 49

Apr 16 So why is it

Apr 16 re: Re: President lost my vote & Support

Apr 16 L.A. Times fun facts..

Apr 16 We Won't Rent To Section 8 Or Ghetto Thug Trash And We Have Big Dicks (Proud White Males) pic


Apr 16 The House of Cards=>The House of David: The Road to Reposting lies (Financial District)

Apr 16 hey ed chrisman. when was the last time you dated a woman??

Apr 16 ------------------------------->END THE SMALL HOOD BIG WOLF MENTALITY? (Williamspug) pic

Apr 16 Re: Some miserable racists

30 Apr 16 END THE HOOD RAT HOOD WOLF MENTALITY 30 (prime williamsburg) pic

Apr 16 Some miserable racists (Everywhere) pic

39 Apr 16 11"SBM Jamaican/American ISO BBW!! - m4w 39 (Downtown)

68 Apr 16 Looking to sell a minivan. 68 (Lebanon, MO )

21 Apr 16 Caramel Goodie Finesse soft lips phat ass 21 (Queens/ Long island) pic

39 Apr 16 SBM Hot Blooded Jamaican/American..11" - m4w 39 (Downtown)

Apr 16 Why are ching chong chink women so fug? (Greenwich Village) pic

Apr 16 To the fug chinky lady in our office (Midtown) pic

Apr 16 Hi Im Jeff. (Inwood / Wash Hts) pic

Apr 16 $5 Program (Risk Free) As seen on Oprah and CNN.....

32 Apr 16 Stoli O Ville and Veal OJ 32 (Hudson Mill)

Apr 16 Before you take a delivery job: **READ THIS AD!!** (Westchester, NYC & Area) pic

Apr 16 Early bird work out with home trainer (Manhattan ) pic

21 Apr 16 Is there anything good to watch on Netflix? 21 (North Williamsburg)

Apr 16 Easter question for liberals pic

Apr 16 Question for Jeffery (Flatiron) pic

Apr 16 Flight 370

Apr 16 Gas prices contiune to rise pic

Apr 16 re: >>> Astoria

Apr 16 Flight 370 (Your Backyard )

Apr 16 The House of David: The Road to The Resurrection (Financial District)


Apr 16 jews are strange

Apr 16 RE: Greedy Jew landlords want blacks out and yuppies and transplants i

Apr 16 ATTENTION:"Any Posters//Small 3 inch/Dick, white guys, tiny PENIS>> (read this;; Chelsea;) pic

Apr 16 Mommie;"Why does OPRAH only hire BLACK stewards (On her Plane flights?) pic

Apr 16 Subway BONGO"drums+TimpanyMakes"YECH! Subwy's (HOOORIBLE+disgustng14th st.) pic

Apr 16 RADIO SHACK:"Crummi-est Stores ever! READ THIS (my story; wouldn't buy batteries ther) pic

Apr 16 DIS-GustingSMOKERS ' who smoke in thisWEather (should all be SMACKED) pic

53 Apr 16 People, 34"Th ST is the ANUS of the Tri-State Area.. 53 (sickening shoppping) pic

40 Apr 16 CRAVEN...RAVEN 40 pic

Apr 16 Greedy Jew landlords want blacks out and yuppies and transplants in (Flatbush)

Apr 16 Why are most white guys gay and have 3 inch penises? pic

29 Apr 16 re: Concerning Schneiderman as Attorney General 29 (nada nada nada)


Apr 16 BEWARE : Yellow cab passengers (Midtown)

Apr 16 That study that says white guys have 3 inch penises pic

Apr 16 April 16 ...might be a New Yorker if... pic

Apr 16 Can we ship Clint Eastwood back to Europe? pic

Apr 16 Why are there so many little 3 inch crackas in BK now? pic

Apr 16 Easter question for libs pic

Apr 16 Global warming (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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